The fight has begun: Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds prepare for Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 is about to start its production stage and the protagonists Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are already heating up social networks.

Follow the uncertainty around Dead Pool 3 and its protagonists, instead of clarifying doubts, only turn on the audience more. Since the beginning of the expectation campaign, the same Ryan Reynolds He has been in charge of transmitting the emotion that a new tape of the character represents. Furthermore, when he broke the news of the return of Hugh Jackman he did it his way: full of humor.

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In this way, celebrities continued to mock the public with comments on social networks. Apparently, both are very committed to what this project will represent. At the last opportunity, even the director shawn levy he lent himself to the joke. The filmmaker was tagged, but reacted silently.

Jackman posted a photo of a car with broken hardware and marks that looked like claws. “My target may be a bit off right now. But trust, it will be ready when the need arises. #wolverine10”, trilled the actor.

“That’s my KIA SORENTO, idiot,” Reynolds replied to the previous post. Neither short nor lazy, the Australian replied again: “You seem to be exceptionally pissed off today. Maybe try some cat and cow poses,” he added with a sneer.

The love/hate dynamic, just as a relationship full of violence and jokes would not only be off camera. This tone would be the same as his characters, the Merc with a Mouth and Wolverine, will have in the third installment.

Two big news after Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3

This tape is very important for several aspects. To begin with, it will be the official arrival of Deadpool at Marvel Cinematic Universe. The two previous films took place in another sphere, so his arrival in the franchise produces all kinds of expectations.

On the other hand, it is the official arrival of Wolverine also at the UCM. Also, he will be the first founding member of the X-Men to appear in it. However, he will not be the first mutant since namor, Ms Marvel Y Wanda are already.

Without a doubt, because of the relationship between Reynolds’s character and the public when he broke the fourth wallmost likely jokes will be made about it.

Hugh Jackman’s participation is also emotional for many because he had already been seen to die in Logan. He played the role from X-Men, in 2000, until the aforementioned production, in 2017.

For the merger of Marvel Studios with Disney, it was thought that the cast of the mutant tapes would be unlinked. With the return of the interpreter, others may do the same. This without considering that Evan Peters was already in the UCM as “Ralph Bonner” in Wandavision.

Finally, it should be noted that a feature film temporarily titled mutants is being developed by ‘The House of Ideas’. The company’s programming places this title at the end of Phase 6.

Some insiders and specialized media suggest that the X Patrol will gain importance from Phases 7 to 9 of the MCU. This could be true since the rights of these characters have already passed into the control of the big company.

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The fight has begun: Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds prepare for Deadpool 3