The enigmatic Prime Video film with Chris Evans which lasts 1h52


The Captain America actor took part in a very different Marvel project. Learn all about the tape he shared with Kristen Stewart!

Chris Evans was part of a very different Marvel movie.©IMDBChris Evans was part of a very different Marvel movie.

The arrival of Chris Evans to Marvel Cinematic Universe made him one of the most popular actors of the past decade. And although Captain America has stolen everyone’s heart, the truth is that the American interpreter has also joined casts far removed from the world of superheroes and major franchises. This has been demonstrated in fierce peoplea cassette available on First video What lasts 1h52.

Created in 2005the film also has the participation of Kristen Stewartwho knew how to have his peak of popularity by playing in the saga Dusk and that same year she was nominated for Best Actress at the 2022 Oscars for spencer. Before vampires and epic battles entered their lives, Evans and Stewart put together this completely different project which can be enjoyed on the Prime Video streaming platform.

What is it about fierce people? Translated in Latin America as wild days, presents Finn Earl, a 16-year-old teenager who wants to escape from the New York apartment he shares with his drug-addicted mother, in order to spend his summer in South America and thus study indigenous peoples closely. . However, at that moment he is caught doing drugs to help his mother and his hopes are completely dashed.

Adapting the 2002 novel of the same name published by Dick Wittenbom, the story continues when his masseuse mother decides to move into the estate of a millionaire client, Odgen C. Osbourne, where Finn finally indulges in luxury and falls in love with the man’s granddaughter. While this may be another coming of age, the truth is fierce people dare to combine drama with suspenseresulting in a movie enigmatic.

Its protagonists are Anton Yelchin, Diane Lane, Donald Sutherland, Paz de la Huerta, Elizabeth Perkins and Garry Chalk. Moreover, its director is Griffin Dunnethe protagonist of after hours -band of Martin Scorsese- and actor of It’s us as Nick Pearson. If you want to see Chris Evans in a completely different tone than Marvel, you should definitely add fierce people to your Prime Video playlist.

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The enigmatic Prime Video film with Chris Evans which lasts 1h52