The drug addict son who is making Tom Hanks life bitter

Tom Hanks, who recently celebrated his sixty-fifth anniversary by presenting a radio program as a DJ with a personal selection of rock and roll pieces, is considered in the United States as the symbol of the average American: a simple, ordinary, good-natured man. The film industry has established that he is the highest grossing actor in Hollywood history. Happily married for more than three decades to his second wife, Rita Wilson, only one drama overshadows his usual and perennial bonhomie: that of the third of his children, Chester (Chet), who at thirty is a victim of drugs and has had problems with the justice for his bad life.

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks was born sixty-five years ago in a town in California. As an actor, he is among the most beloved of the North American public, with unforgettable films: Road to Perdition, The Green Mile, Castaway, Big, The Pentagon Archives, Apollo 13, Captain Phillips, Catch Me If You Can, Save Private Ryan… And putting his voice to a cartoon film, with its sequel, the most recent Toy Story 4. He has won two Oscars for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. Character that viewers value, because of his closeness or because of the talent that Tom dedicates to them: a journalist, a politician, an astronaut, a CIA agent, and that touching young man with a mental handicap, who drew tears to tears in theaters.

The best of all is that he he is not conceited and his classmates adore him. In January 2020 he was presented with the Cécil B. DeMille award. And at the time of thanking the award, he remembered many of his colleagues, including our Antonio Banderas, praising him. In his latest film, “An Extraordinary Friend”, he is the television presenter Fred Rogers, who really existed: in his program, aimed primarily at children, he encouraged them to practice positive actions in life. A role tailored to Tom Hanks, who in most of his cinematographic works has embodied imperfect beings, from the street, but capable of being admired for their dedication to others, and their behavior. No wonder the actor is a true man to his millions of fans. They call him “Father of America.”

He had no luck in his first marriage to Samantha Lewes, in 1978. They lasted until 1987, having two children, Colin, now an actor, and Elizabeth, a writer. In 1988 he remarried to actress and producer Rita Wilson, with whom he was also the father of two children: Chester and Truman. The youngest is a camera operator. AND Chester, familiarly known as Chet, is the black sheep of the family. Tom has sacrificed himself as far as humanly could, giving him his help, providing him with some roles in his films to make him a man of profit. All without positive results. Because Chet is a rebel, sick also because of his drug addiction.

With Rita Wilson and her children | Gtres

It was from 2014 when Chet himself announced that he was taking drugs. It was useless that they admitted him to a rehabilitation center, because after six months he went to London and destroyed the hotel in which he was registered. Around that time he had a girl, Michaiah, the fruit of a casual relationship. Needless to say, he has never dealt with her. The magazine “People” published a report where Chet appeared as a dangerous male chauvinist who was denounced by one of his girlfriends for mistreatment; He threatened her with a pistol and not only that: with a knife he cut her face. He took advantage of the appearance of that article to promote his latest rap album. In his lyrics he pours laudatory stanzas towards Nazism. His father no longer knows what to do with him, who after all is of legal age.

Tom Hanks has activities outside of cinema that he is passionate about, such as the space projects that take place in the United States. He belongs to a Foundation interested in such experiments. He is passionate about music and has even singled in his latest film, An extraordinary friend. He is without a doubt for so many who admire and love him.

In a few weeks he is expected in Madrid to join the international cast of a film that will be shot in Chinchón until December. The Madrid city has already been the scene of several filming other times, for example “Around the world in 80 days”, with its magnificent main square. To this end, the mayor of Chinchón has arranged that at certain hours and days no countryman can access where the team is filming. It is assumed that in return the city will benefit.