The “Don’t Look Up” costume designer shares a quirky story about actress Meryl Streep’s dog!

As Meryl Streep was about to shoot a key scene in the movie Don’t Look Up, her pup decided to play with one of the pieces of clothing she was to wear on screen. An anecdote reported by the costume designer of the feature film directed by Adam McKay.

Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial was released in 2021. This dramatic comedy is served by a prestigious cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill or Cate Blanchett. We also find there Meryl Streepwhich portrays a President of the United States in total denial as a disaster prepares to destroy the planet.

As often, the 72-year-old actress was accompanied by her dog on the film set. At the time, he was still a young puppy who, like all canines of his age, had only one thing in mind; play and taste everything that passed under his muzzle.

Susan Mathesoncostume designer on this film, rightly told People a small mishap that occurred with the little quadruped during filming. An anecdote she told on the occasion of the Costume Designers Guild Awardsorganized on March 9 at santa monica in California.

One of the most incredible things that has ever happened to me in my career “says the dresser, remembering this story. That day, Meryl Streep was preparing to shoot an important scene of the film, where she was to appear on a giant screen in a suit St. John with a wide belt.

That’s when Susan Matheson received an urgent call. ” Susan, you need to come to Meryl’s dressing room right away.We have a problem said his interlocutor. She did, finding the actress in the company of her 4-legged friend. ” We have a little problemimmediately told him Meryl Streep. The puppy took [la ceinture] for a toy. He rushed into the bedroom and chewed it. But do not worry. I patched it up “.

Meryl Streep’s idea: make up the damage with a felt-tip pen

The buckle of the belt was twisted and the padding was coming out of it “, Explain Susan Matheson. The actress had used a felt pen of the same color to make up the traces. A rather well done job in a hurry, but it was not enough. The costume designer pointed out to her that the damage would still be seen, knowing that she had to appear on a giant screen.

Susan Matheson then suggested to Meryl Streep to change clothes. So she ended up performing the scene in question wearing an ensemble Giorgio Armani specially made for her in Italy.

Of course, neither of the two held it against the puppy. ” A wonderful dog, who just thought it was a toy “, continues the costume designer. She even admits having had want to give him back the belt so that he chews it a little more “.

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The “Don’t Look Up” costume designer shares a quirky story about actress Meryl Streep’s dog!