The director of ‘Face to Face 2’ (Face / Off 2) wants to have Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage it is a cinematographic symbol that transcends the medium itself. The actor, who has premiered Pig and that is at the gates of presenting in many territories The unbearable weight of a huge talent It has been commissioned to return to Hollywood through the front door. Collaborating with Chris McKay, the author of tomorrow’s waris now rumored his participation in Face to Face 2 (Face/Off 2) The reason? adam wingard, director in charge of this continuation, Sos wants it in the project as Castor Troy.

Adam Wingard wants to make a film that will dazzle fans of the original and wants to have Nicolas Cage

Wingard, in charge of directing the adaptation of the manga death note for Netflix or the successful Godzilla vs Kong for Warner, he is finalizing the script for the sequel to John Woo’s original film. And yes, wants to count on Nicolas Cage in this second part. “We’re fine-tuning a lot. We’re not going to share it until everybody says, ‘This is the definitivethe filmmaker explained to Empire in an exclusive interview.

“This is the most challenging script we’ve ever worked on. There’s a lot of pressure to want to make sure it lives up to the legacy of that project,” she continues, stating that a film like Face to Face 2 It is a gift and a great responsibility. “But in each eraser that we deliver there are things that fit, and you say: ‘Ah! This is really what it is Face to face’“, explains the director. Wingard wants Nicolas Cage to return to the film for the big part, especially now that he is once again “one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood.”

There is a lot of pressure, the project must live up to the legacy

The action tape 1997one of the most successful films in John Woo’s career in Hollywood, it introduced us to John Travolta as FBI agent Sean Archer and Cage’s mythical Castor Troy, who, with the help of science, swap faces and assume each other’s identities. The last we know of Cage and the project is that, to date, no one has contacted him. “Look, I haven’t heard anything about it. Very often, these things that we read about, just conjecture without any basis or foundation. It’s already happened to me with movies like The Quest 3. It has been 14 years since the sequel was announced. And there is nothing. Neither oh, nor oh. So, is it fun to think about it? Well of course. Would Face to Face 2 be a fun and exciting movie to make? damn sure“, concludes the actor.

Without making it clear what will happen to Cage and his character – the fate of his villain was sealed in the first installment – it seems that the actor is for the job and that the filmmaker and the studio want to have him again. Will John Travolta join the party? Nostalgia sells and considering that both actors are still active, it seems that everything is starting to fit.

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The director of ‘Face to Face 2’ (Face / Off 2) wants to have Nicolas Cage