The diet that will never repeat Emilia Clarke, the star of Game Of Thrones

There are moments in the lives of celebrities when they must submit to some extremely uncomfortable things. Occupational hazards, some would say, that must be fulfilled so that the work turns out as expected. Emilia Clarke experienced this unfortunate situation with a bland diet that she will not repeat.

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Although she looks small and thin, Emilia Clarke He likes to eat everything and in large quantities. Her accelerated metabolism allows her to do it without remorse, but in the same way she must be attentive with her exercises so as not to lose shape from one moment to another, just as she commands the entertainment industry for which she works.

The actress could not give herself the tastes that are usually given.

However, there was a time in his career when Emilia Clarke he had to undergo a very strict diet that left him with bitter experiences. It was during the filming of Terminator:Genesiswhen the actress had to start a diet without funny flavors and with a lot of training.

The actress who played Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thronescomplained in an interview with InStyle UK magazine, that he had many food restrictions during the filming of Terminator:Genesis, which is not willing to repeat. “I haven’t been allowed to eat anything that tastes good,” the star said.

He explained that during filming he was only allowed “one cup of tea, one cup of tea, no sugar, no cream…depriving you of everything that makes your taste buds happy.” He said that while that was going on, he had to go through rigorous exercise training.

Emilia Clarke is a lover of good cuisine and likes to go out to many restaurants.

The type of regimen you experienced Emilia Clarkehas been evaluated by Dr. Keri Glassmana consultant for Women’s Health, who notes that such a diet “can be really bad for four things: your metabolism, your overall health, your exercise, and your emotional relationship with food.”

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The diet that will never repeat Emilia Clarke, the star of Game Of Thrones