The creator of ‘The White Lotus’ has already made a fabulous comedy worthy of a Golden Globe: Laura Dern shines in this acclaimed dramedy available on HBO Max

The White Lotus‘ has given the public success that has eluded so many Mike Whitewhich in many respects He was ahead of the type of comedy that is now. More dramedy, kept in the half-hour format but exploring beyond the rigid limits of the sitcom and with thoughtful explorations of the world that surrounds us expressed through very fine satire that does not renounce the absurd.

Also elegantly shot, something that has undoubtedly been elevated even further with its successful anthology that no longer needs only industry and critical acclaim to have a niche. The triumph in the Golden Globes for the series and for the actress Jennifer Coolidge they feel like one culmination of a job well done. Although the truth is that he was already on the radar of those awards with his other great series: ‘illuminated‘.

On the brink of a nervous breakdown

With Laura Dern of protagonist (awarded in said prizes for that work) and co-creator, the series that is also found on HBO Max shows us the fall from grace of an important executive of a company. After a public crisis, which includes a scandal and a panic attack, Amy Jellicoe is forced to take a three-month retreat in a Hawaiian center, leaving recovered and with a profound life attitude change.

Of course, upon her return she is relegated to a marginal department where the less attractive and less appreciated employees of the company are, doing pointless bureaucratic tasks. Something that does not fit with his new ambition to change the world at all costs, something that he will try to do from within despite being in one of the most harmful corporations for the environment. Her work and family environment, yes, will try to deal with this new and renewed Amy.

Because one of the aspects that makes ‘Iluminada’ incisive is its main character, as loaded with good intentions as it is truly unbearable. The life change is difficult to differentiate from a genuine act of kindness and a performance to try to return to the status quo from which it has been expelled. White beautifully navigates that ambiguity with well-spun satire.

‘Enlightened’: personal and global crises

In the end, is it important that she be unbearable within her positive intentions if she ends up doing something good in the process? White and Dern manage to frame this character as a singular anti-heroine, making her a disruptive element in a repressive ecosystem as it is corporate and having influence on the people around them (whether they want it or not). His approach is empathetic, although he does not hesitate to point out toxic aspects of his behavior.

The series touches on both personal and global crises in a big way, but it never comes across as tacky. White’s needle is well threaded at all times to get into uncomfortable aspects of existence, while directing talents like todd haynes, jonathan demme either Nicole Holofcener they help make emotional exploration genuine. Dern is brilliant at bringing to life a character whose cues have become more or less constant throughout the rest of her career. Now and always It is worth claiming this project.

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The creator of ‘The White Lotus’ has already made a fabulous comedy worthy of a Golden Globe: Laura Dern shines in this acclaimed dramedy available on HBO Max