The crazy physical transformation of Mark Wahlberg: “I took 18 kilos in…”

Contrary to the image that fans of the profession have, being an actor should not be easy. In addition to the need to be good in sometimes very different roles, some must also be able to transform physically in a few weeks. This was the case of Mark Wahlberg in 2013…

In Hollywood, there are several actors who perfectly match the image that fans have of the action movie star. We can obviously mention The Rock, John Cena and Dave Batista, whose muscles developed during the WWE years are a real asset. And then in a different register, there is also the fifty-year-old Mark Wahlberg, still as sharp as ever.

Mark Wahlberg’s crazy mass gain before a movie!

Like the others, the Boston native imposes a rather special training regime on himself and he regularly shares his results on social networks. And sometimes, he even has to go further to meet the expectations of his directors. For example, before filming the movie “Pain and Gain” in 2013, he must have gained 18 kilos!

Once I signed on to do the film I made a commitment to get as strong as possible. In the gym I lifted the heaviest loads I could. I was drinking two or three ultra-protein shakes a day and my level of calories ingested each day was rather high. I was 75 kilos for my previous film, and I was supposed to arrive on set at 92. I gained 18 kilos of muscle in 7 weeks.

For many fans, the life of an actor seems quite simple since you just have to put yourself in the shoes of a character from time to time to be good. But to shine in Hollywood you also have to suffer, the proof with this anecdote from Mark Wahlberg. For a single film, a few months of filming, he must have gained 18 kilos of muscle in less than 8 weeks!

A sum that seems quite disproportionate for ordinary mortals, but which has been made possible by relentless and daily training. He had to learn to eat a lot, had to improve his performance in the weight room, and he was rewarded with a hit of more than $86 million at the box office.

Some people go to the theater for years and fail to take as much as Mark Wahlberg in a few weeks, which is to say the feat achieved by the actor in 2013. But with a good check from Hollywood at the key, we understand the motivation.

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The crazy physical transformation of Mark Wahlberg: “I took 18 kilos in…”