The complex childhood of Jessica Alba, between the anguish for her mother’s health and her own life in danger

Jessica Alba, in May of this year (Photo: REUTERS)

Jessica Alba she knew all her life that she wanted to be an actress. On some occasion he commented that since he can remember, in his head was the idea of ​​dedicating himself to acting. The vague memory, when she moves to that time, places her in her five years, but she believes that long before she was already playing to interpret.

However, due to various issues that he went through in his childhood, related to his health and that of his mother, it was only at the age of 12 that he was able to go to take acting classes. His teachers warned his parents that he had a talent that had to be developed. That the girl had the ability, and that you just had to polish that rough diamond so that it would shine with its own light.

It was 1993, only 9 months had passed since her first class, that first foray, and a film agent, a kind of talent scout, saw Jessica and offered her a role in the comedy Camp Nowhere, which would be released in 1994. That was his jump, which was accompanied by a kind of wink of fate. She felt that she was touched by the magic wand because of how events had unfolded.

The producers told her at first that they were calling her for a minor role, just a few weeks old, that she would not be there for the entire development of the script. However, the pleasant impression that Alba left, added to the fact that the protagonist got off the film, led to her being awarded the main character. Better not he could start his way to fame in the Hollywood world.

At the same time, Jessica, who is characterized by her low profile and giving few interviews, maintained that she was not chosen for her talent, but because she had similar physical characteristics to the person who was being replaced. Of course, the director said the opposite: that he had seen great potential in her.

Anyway, since then he never stopped working, even developing in minor roles. He had started too high, and it would not be easy for him to match that debut. In 1999 it managed to have prominent places in I have never been kissed and The devil put his hand. And a year later the doors were definitively opened to him for his work in Dark Angel. It was his arrival to stardom, in a present that opened the doors to a promising future, leaving behind, at last, a past of suffering.

Jessica Alba with her partner, Cash Warren, and their three children (Photo: Instagram)
Jessica Alba with her partner, Cash Warren, and their three children (Photo: Instagram)

A complex childhood

It is time to introduce ourselves to that traumatic time: his first years of life. Jessica Alba went through delicate moments that, as she would explain later, allowed her to strengthen herself and not dwell on small things. Blows of those that fate usually gives us from time to time, but that she received them all together, and when she was just a child.

Alba was born in Pomana, California, United States. His father, Mark AlbaHe was a Mexican military man, and his mother, Catherine Jensen, has Danish ancestry. Catherine was diagnosed with cancer in her early 20s, when Jessica was very young. At first the doctors were not optimistic: the chances that he would overcome the disease were slim. And from then on, the family dynamics would be completely modified: runs, trips to and from the hospital, treatments, a father who doubled down taking care of his wife and two children (Jessica and Joshua, a year younger than his sister and also an actor). And there were the economic difficulties, which the actress would describe later, in a post on social networks: “I was born in a working Mexican-American family. My parents had various jobs, doing whatever it took to get ahead. “

Jessica Alba with her father Mark Alba, and one of her children (Photo: Instagram)
Jessica Alba with her father Mark Alba, and one of her children (Photo: Instagram)

Around the same time that her mother was dealing with cancer, Jessica also began to exhibit fragile health. “I suffered from chronic diseases, severe asthma and allergies, which led to long, lonely weeks in the hospital during the period when I was just a child,” she recounted two years ago on the site. Romper. “There were no lasting solutions to my health problems, I was recovering and soon back, and when I was ten years old, I realized how well-being can define your whole life.”

“Between the ages of four and five she suffered from pneumonia, and for years she lived in hospital. On two occasions my lungs collapsed. I had a really bad time ”. But that was not the worst: he had peritonitis that almost cost him his life. Soon after they found him a tonsil. As Jessica summed up, it was a “constant affliction.”

Fear has haunted her ever since. Although her mother was able to recover and lead a normal life, she is on permanent alert: she is undergoing permanent prevention studies. “Many women in my family died from different types of cancer, none of them genetic,” explains the actress.

Jessica Alba and her mother, Catherine Jensen (Photo: Instagram)
Jessica Alba and her mother, Catherine Jensen (Photo: Instagram)

To breathe

In 2008, with the birth of their first daughter, Honor WarrenHe decided to change his anguished look for another optimistic one. Focus on the positive issues. Ultimately, the worst was over. By that year she was a successful Hollywood actress, she had found the love of her life in the producer Cash Warren and he was enjoying that family he dreamed of so much.

“I had a real moment of thinking I want to live, flourish and spend all my time with this little person that I brought into the world as I can” the actress said. My health matters, I want this little person to be healthy. And it is very hard to be happy when you do not have your health ”.

“My motivation was not: ‘Are they going to hire me again?’ Frankly, I was at the peak of my career, “he said, and then focused on Honor. He stayed away from big productions for a while to spend time with his daughter. Then he returned, with the same spirit and focus as always, but knowing that work was no longer everything.

Without going any further, since 2019, what did Killers Anonymous, is away from the screen by choice. It’s been almost three years off the film sets now, and he doesn’t seem to miss it. Partly because the past knocked on his door again (his father has colon cancer). And also, because he put his energies elsewhere, in his business side.

In 2012 he founded his own firm, the one you called The Honest Company, dedicated to beauty, personal care and children’s products. Although before she had people in charge of making her grow, today she is focused on that, to be able to have more free time, all very different from the long days of recording. She understood that doing what makes her happy is her number one priority, beyond the fact that acting is also important. Because Jessica Alba promised to return, but not with papers that take a long time. Priorities. That is what it is all about.


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The complex childhood of Jessica Alba, between the anguish for her mother’s health and her own life in danger