The character behind the looks of Margot Robbie honoring Barbie

In this wait of which there is less, there is a detail that has caught our attention. In the premieres that have been held of Barbie, both in Seoul and in Mexico City, passing through Los Angeles and yesterday in London, in addition to an impressive crowd surrounding the events, We have been able to see Margot Robbie wearing iconic and historical Barbie doll dresses, as a great tribute. This goes beyond the mere obsession with pink, it goes beyond. And there is a mind behind it that has planned it brilliantly.

Beyond this very intense promotion that Margot Robbie has been carrying out of the film where she is also the executive producer, it must be said that since the beginning of the year she has been working side by side with the stylist Andrew Mukamal, who is also responsible for the looks of Zoë Kravitz, Billie Eilish and Carey Mulligan, but who with this global launch has positioned the Australian actress as one of the best dressed of the year and absolute owner of the so-called trend barbicore.

As the protagonist of Greta Gerwig’s film, Margot Robbie has been traveling the world for weeks spreading the film, one more phase of a marketing strategy taken care of down to the last detail and, although Robbie and Mukamal have only been working together for a short time, they have proven to form a duo that works without problems. The actress has recently expressed that her Barbie looks are a gift to her fans. While Andrew Mukamal has managed to avoid falling for the disguise, although the references to the Barbie universe are obvious and direct: both through bubblegum pink but also making nods to the various outfits that the doll itself has worn since it was launched on the market in 1959.

“We’re looking at references from decades past and making it a reality for all Barbie fans, people who actually collect those Barbies. We hope you are excited“, Robbie has said about the process of creating her looks during these days of promoting the film. For example, at the film’s presentation in Seoul, the actress wore a Versace outfit inspired by the outfit of an eighties Barbie, with a pink suit, hat, and mobile phone included. For the night, she changed her style for a look made up of a bodysuit and a fuchsia pink tulle skirt. From the accessories to the shoes, both looks were inspired by the Barbie doll.”Day to night”, Launched on the market in 1985.

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Also highly talked about was the event in Sydney, when Mukamal and Robbie demonstrated their ability to dive into the Barbie archive and look just like the original 1959 doll, a pin-up look that consisted of a black and white striped bathing suit, plus matching sunglasses. While for the world premiere in Los Angeles, Robbie manages to outdo herself with a very different style. After much pink, the protagonist of the film wore a dress that was a tribute to Barbie “Only in the spotlight”, a doll created in 1960 with the air of a star from the golden age of Hollywood. A classic black dress, elbow-length velvet gloves, a large diamond necklace, and a pale pink scarf dangling from the actress’s hand. The same as the model of the doll that she honored.

A few days after the premiere, it is a fact that the actress is possessed by the spirit of the famous doll and is causing an incontinent desire to see the film as soon as possible. It is not surprising that with their stylist they continue to surprise us with these looks, in a real fashion marathon, which is appreciated because many times these events are very predictable and not surprising at all.

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The character behind the looks of Margot Robbie honoring Barbie