The cameo of Ellen Pompeo in Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio

Catch Me If You Can is a 2002 film directed by the iconic Steven Spielberg and featuring the talented and popular Leonardo Dicaprio. The film tells the story of Frank Abagnale Jr., a man who became a millionaire before he was 19 thanks to a series of scams in which he presented himself as an airline pilot, doctor and lawyer.

The casting is completed by Christopher Walken as the young man’s father, Amy Adams as fiancĂ©e, Martin Sheen as future stepfather and Nathalie Baye as mother. The music for the film is entrusted to a composer with a lot of history: John Williams. Remember: this talent is in charge of the soundtracks of Star wars, Shark, Superman and Indiana Jones, among others.

Ellen Pompeo’s cameo in a Spielberg film

The film counts as Frank Abagnale Jr. he uses his talents for counterfeiting and crime so effectively that he cannot be stopped by the police. A particular agent follows the steps: Carl hanratty, played by the versatile Tom Hanks. There are many occasions when this lawyer is about to catch the criminal, who cleverly escapes over and over again.

In this context, the famous actress Ellen Pompeo, protagonist of the series Grey’s Anatomy, participated in the film. Her small role is that of stewardess Marci who falls in love with Frank and has a date with him, but they will never see each other again. This cameo predated the show which brought her to worldwide popularity as the healthcare professional. Gris Meredith. Important! Steven Spielberg recognized the talent and beauty of the performer.

The race of Ellen Pompeo She will continue her successful journey thanks to the show that catapulted her professional life and transformed her into one of the most recognized faces in the Hollywood industry. Who doesn’t know Grey’s Anatomy? Although lately it seems that the controversy accompanies her life, Ellen knew how to carry her popularity naturally. In the meantime and in memory: It’s not every day that we play with DiCaprio directed by Spielberg!

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The cameo of Ellen Pompeo in Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio