The best SSD for PS5 is getting cheaper and cheaper

News good plan The best SSD for PS5 is getting cheaper and cheaper

The best SSD for the PS5? And yes ! This WD_BLACK SN850 is the choice that was made by the main architect of the console for his personal use so we can only recommend it to you. Especially since it’s currently on sale at Amazon.

The best SSD for the PS5 is currently discounted at Amazon

Need an SSD for your PC or PS 5? Why not choose the star of the PS5 compatible SSDs and take advantage of 1 TB of additional data to install all your games and / or demanding software while saving loading times!

For Mark Cerny, lead architect of the PlayStation 5, it’s downright the best SSD for the PS5. If it was quite expensive for a long time, its price has just dropped on Amazon, becoming much more attractive for all budgets.

Thanks to an offer, the 1TB version of this NVMe SSD in PCI Express Gen 4 is currently available at €169.99 at Amazon. Its old price was €215.14, a really nice reduction of €45.

Buy the 1TB WD_Black SN850 for €169 at Amazon

In order to be compatible with your favorite console, NVMe SSDs must be equipped with a heat sink. If they increase the price and are not necessarily necessary in a fixed PC installation, they are therefore essential for the PS5. This SN850 is well equipped and will therefore be perfect for equipping your PlayStation.

The WD_BLACK SN850 1TB NVMe SSD with Heatsink is on sale!

For the characteristics of this product, make no mistake, we really have very solid here. With up to 7000 MB/s in reading and 5300 MB/s in writing, it is clearly one of the best choices on the market in this price range.

If you use it on PC, you can take advantage of the downloadable WD_BLACK dashboard software. It will allow you to customize and control your gaming experience more effectively. In addition, on Windows, you can even modify the RGB lighting of this player for even more colors in your config!

In short, this SSD will be an excellent choice, whether you want to use it in your gaming PC to save loading time and storage, or on your PS5 to store all your games!

Buy the 1TB WD_Black SN850 for €169 at Amazon

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The best SSD for PS5 is getting cheaper and cheaper