The best scene of ‘Venom’ was improvised by Tom Hardy (and it was a headache for the team)

The actor came to the shoot, saw a tank and thought: ‘This must be taken advantage of.’ The director, Ruben Fleischer, was delighted with the idea.

Tom Hardy one day came to the filming of Venom, saw a huge water tank in the middle of a restaurant and said, ‘I’m going to get inside‘. The director, Ruben Fleischer, thought it was a good idea – the production designer not so much – and they got to work. What they got was one of the best scenes in the film, which airs tonight at 10:40 p.m. on La 1.

The sequence in question happens when Eddie Brock already lives with Venom but has not yet managed to find the balance between him and the symbiote. He’s very hungry for human flesh, he’s besieged by voices, and suffers from all kinds of chills. So when you see a huge fish tank full of lobsters in the middle of a restaurant, you do not hesitate to go inside to calm its heat and, incidentally, eat three or four pieces of seafood.

“We rehearsed that scene a week before we shot it because it was a great shooting session. At rehearsal, Tom saw that the production designer had put a giant lobster tank in the center. It was a design decision to make the venue look like it was. an expensive restaurant. As soon as Tom saw it, he said: ‘Well, I’m going to get in the tank,’ recalled the director in an interview with Polygon.

The lobster tank scene from ‘Venom’.

Each decision in a recording involves a large number of people and, even if it is the request of the protagonist of the film, everything requires preparation. The designer said “I didn’t build it for someone to get in!” So they had to find a way to make it all work.. For example, the live lobsters inside were turned into plastic or crustaceans imitations made with marshmallow and chocolate syrup so that he could sink his teeth into them. “No lobster was harmed when filming the scene”, afirmaba butcher.

Ruben Fleischer was delighted with Hardy’s attitude on set and how he incorporated aspects of his character that the rest of the crew hadn’t seen: “It’s a great example of Tom seeing an opportunity, I can’t remember how that scene ended anymore! He made a very bold decision. “

It’s one of my favorite moments, “noted the filmmaker,” It’s a lot of fun and it was totally unexpected. It all came from Tom, who was guiding us in that direction, which ended up showing a great instinct

Tom Hardy is usually fully involved in all his jobs. He also did it in Venom. To bring to life the tormented Eddie Brock and his relationship with the alien, the actor recorded all the lines of dialogue that corresponded to the symbiote in advance and listened to them during the recording. “He had prerecorded them so he could literally act in front of him and hear Venom’s voice inside his head.. Whether it was in a scene with Michelle Williams or with other actors, he literally heard himself in his head. ”

Venom It was a real success at the international box office, reaching over 800 million dollars. Faced with the good reception, Sony Pictures commissioned a sequel, Venom: There will be carnage, which has seen the light in 2021, getting very good numbers. You can see the first part of the saga tonight at 10:40 p.m. in La 1.

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The best scene of ‘Venom’ was improvised by Tom Hardy (and it was a headache for the team)