The 7 Best Will Smith Movies You Can Watch On Netflix


7 Will Smith movies you should enjoy watching on Netflix.

Will Smith is one of the most famous and controversial artists in the film industry. His career has been one of the most popular with the public. For this same reason, today we present a list with The 7 Best Will Smith Movies on Netflix.

Each actor’s film leaves thoughtful and sentimental messages. Will Smith’s Hollywood career has yielded the best performances and sets in film productions.

best will smith movies netflix

The Best Will Smith Movies You Can Watch on Netflix

The best Will Smith movies available on Netflix

It’s no secret that Will Smith’s films are some of the funniest and most entertaining in cinema. But because of what happened during the Oscars,Netflix has decided to drop the projects and movies it had scheduled with the actor. However, you can still see these Will titles on the platform.

  • Gemini Man
  • Hitch seduction specialist
  • After Earth
  • bad Boys
  • seven souls
  • The hidden truth
  • men in black

Gemini Man

Henry Brogan is a 51-year-old elite assassin who is ready to quit this deadly profession after completing his 72nd job. His plans are turned upside down when he becomes the target of a mysterious agent who can seemingly anticipate his every move. To top it off, Brogan soon learns that the man he is trying to kill he is a cloned version of him younger and faster.

  • Year: 2019
  • Approximate duration: 118 minutes

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Hitch seduction specialist

Dating coach Alex “Hitch” Hitchens (Will Smith) mentors a bad client who hopes to win the heart of a glamorous woman. As Albert progresses, Hitchens faces his own romantic setbacks when tried and true techniques don’t work for Sarah Melas, a tabloid reporter researching love life. Sarah discovers Hitchens’ relationship with Albert, now Allegra’s boyfriend, and threatens to destroy both relationships. An ideal alternative for lovers of romantic comedies.

  • Year 2005
  • Approximate duration: 118 minutes

After Earth

People were forced off Earth a millennium ago to build a new home on Nova Prime. Now General Cypher Rage (Will Smith) leads the most famous Nova Prime family and his teenage son Cifer (Jaden Smith) feels enormous pressure to follow in his father’s footsteps. Cypher and Kitai go on a journey to mend their relationship, but when his plane crashes on the contaminated surface of the Earth, they all have to trust each other a lot, or they will die. A sci-fi movie that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

  • Year 2013
  • Approximate duration: 100 minutes

bad Boys

Miami-Dete detectives Mike Laurie (Will Smith) and Marcus Barnett (Martin Lawrence) explode when the $100 million heroin they recently seized is looted from station headquarters. Suspecting it was an internal matter, the Home Office gave them five days to discover the drug before closing the narcotics department. From there, a series of action-packed, adrenaline-pumping episodes begin.

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  • Year: 1995
  • Duration: 119 minutes

seven souls

Ben Thomas is a man on a mission: donate vital parts of your body to those who desperately need a donor. Ben meets Emily, a beautiful young woman at risk for a fatal heart disease, but when he falls in love with Emily and begins to open up to her, it becomes clear there is something dark in her past. which obliges him to perform these acts. seemingly random kindness.

  • Year 2008
  • Approximate duration: 123 minutes

The hidden truth

During the former NFL player’s autopsy, medical examiner Dr. Bennett Omalu (Will Smith) discovers a neurological impairment similar to Alzheimer’s disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and publishes his findings in a medical journal . Because other athletes are facing the same diagnosis, the crusader has made it his mission to raise awareness about the Dangers of Football-Related Head Injuries.

  • Year: 2015
  • Approximate duration: 123 minutes

men in black

The best kept secret in the universe. Working at a highly funded but unofficial government agency, Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) and Jay (Will Smith) are Men in Black, immigration purveyors of all alien creatures on Earth. While investigating a series of unrecorded close encounters, MIB agents they uncover the murderous plot of an intergalactic terrorist on a mission to kill two ambassadors from rival galaxies who are currently in New York.

  • Year: 1997
  • Approximate duration: 96 minutes

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The 7 Best Will Smith Movies You Can Watch On Netflix