The 7 best Robert De Niro films and where to watch them

Although for the current generation Robert De Niro no longer has the same weight that he knew to have a little more than twenty years ago, the protagonist of Taxi Driver will go down in history as one of the most relevant in history. In his repertoire there are titles of the stature of The Deer Hunter O Good boys, and two statuettes awarded by The academy: one for Best Supporting Actor, for what was done in The Godfather: Part II, and another for its central role in wild bull.

De Niro at the world premiere of
The Irish. (Getty)

Robert De Niro turns 78 today immersed in a sea of ​​forgettable papers. His last films were not the best, and much of them were comedies shattered by critics and audiences. According to various rumors, the divorce of Grace Hightower ended up pushing him into a movie career like the recent one At war with my grandfather because of the need for money.

Of course, there are also some more remarkable titles in which he had to return to his roots. Joker, of Todd Phillips, had him as one of the main actors in a film that he headlined Joaquin Phoenix and that today it is located in the third place of its podium of great papers. According to IMDb, more than a million people voted and left an average of 8.4 points for this film where it was the host Murray Franklin. Today the movie can be enjoyed at HBO Max.

The two films that top Robert De Niro’s list

Ain’t nobody who plays gangsters like they do Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino. The trio of actors knew how to be part of the most remembered films in the world of fiction of the gangsters, with the trilogy of The Godfather as the most remembered. It is precisely this film that earned the first statuette to From Niro the one that is best located in its ranking, with 9 points out of ten possible, and can be seen in Paramount+.

Second place goes to another gangster movie: Good boys. In the 1990 tape, Robert gave life to James Conway, one of the criminals who was in charge of guiding Henry Hill (Ray Liota) in the shady business of crime. According to users of IMDb, this movie available in Amazon Prime Video it has a rating of 8.7 points.

One per decade, three Robert De Niro films with equal scores

In the wide list of films in which it is Robert De Niro, that according IMDb there are 97, there are three that have the same score. Taxi Driver (1976), which earned him the first nomination for Oscar, wild bull (1980) and Heat (1995) received 8.2 among users. Of them, the most voted was the story of Travis Bickle, with 756 thousand people who left their opinion on the matter.

heat robert de niro val kilmer

Heat, De Niro was Neil McCauley. (IMDb)

Of the three films, only Heat it is available on one of the most common platforms. The title that he headed next to Al Pacino and Val Kilmer is part of the catalog of Amazon Prime Video. The other two feature films can be obtained through the rental mechanism at Apple TV.

That experiment called The Irish and the desire to be reborn with Martin Scorsese

As stated, not everything is low-value comedy in the movie catalog of Robert De Niro. Also stands out The Irish, the last major production of Martin Scorsese in which digital rejuvenation was the star. The glass half empty of this movie of Netflix which has 7.8 votes in IMDb is that of the trident of protagonists that conformed with Al Pacino and Joe Pesci, From Niro was the only one who did not receive a nomination from The academy.

Maybe revenge will come to him with the next movie of Scorsese, which promises and thanks a lot to the stellar cast it has. In Killers of the Flower Moon it will be William Hale, on a tape in which they will also be Jesse Plemons, Leonardo Dicaprio, John Lithgow and Brendan Fraser. The story will be based on the novel by David Grann which focuses on the massacre of the Osage Nation, an indigenous community that found oil on their land and with this came a series of mysterious murders.

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