June 9, 2021

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The 5 worst Clint Eastwood movies

The 5 worst Clint Eastwood movies

Any true fan of Clint Eastwood knows that his best films belong to the earliest and most rabid era of his production, when his poise was not weighed down by languid speeches, his political and humanist conservatism did not translate into a certain narrative complacency.

But even though Eastwood is a movie benchmark, it also has a number of weak movies to its name.

Next, we leave you the list of the 5 worst:

5. Blows of Destiny (Million Dollar Baby, 2004)

The first big disappointment for longtime Clint fans was this lousy scripted but easy tear-jerking story.

The tone of the film contains less realism even than a Rocky III: the sequence of the accident that leaves Hilary Swank paraplegic is of a tremendous sentimentality worthy of Televisa (Clint films it with the same sensationalism as a shooting) and the visit of the relatives to the hospital and its attempt to remove a signature from the convalescent, cause embarrassment for its coarse simplicity that rather makes one wonder if those responsible have not been inspired by some gag of Benny Hill.

4. License to Kill (The Eiger Sanction, 1975)

It’s not a bad movie, but it’s certainly not what worshipers of the original literary material (Trevanian’s novel) expected either. The project was too big for a still minimalist Clint: the mix of adventure, suspense and crime lacked that Ian Fleming air that would have required a filmmaker more versed in action and sophistication.

3. Space Riders (Space Cowboys, 2000)

Another disappointment: with a cast like the one it had (Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, James Garner …) the result could have been mythical. It’s not even epic, just twilight. The fault is Clint’s carelessness in relying on a flimsy and untouched script, which also highlights another of the great obstacles of this great director: his disregard for the (little) solidity of the base material he is filming. If he questioned a little more the raw material he chooses to bring to the screen, we would have one masterpiece after another.

2. Firefox, the ultimate weapon (Firefox, 1982)

This false step by Clint made many think that the beginning of his decadence had arrived, and the truth is that despite some excellent titles directed and starred by him during the following decade, it was noticeable that the 80s, taken over by the cinema show with an embarrassment of F / X, they were not his best moment at all.

1. Gran Torino (Gran Torino, 2008)

Slow, childish, poorly written and forced, this film is generally liked because it recreates the myth projected by Clint Eastwood’s previous characters: that grumpy old man who always seems about to jump with his famous look of concentrated hatred. The mockery of the young people at the funeral of the first sequence is shot without any subtlety and the whole scene of the oaths in the hairdresser to initiate the Korean boy in the Macho Way of Life awakens the greatest embarrassment in the viewer, again showing that Clint sometimes has a hard time adjusting contrasting tones.

He is only redeemed by the enormous symbolic power of Clint drawing without a weapon at the end of the film: the old gunman renounces to continue killing so that the world will be at peace again. Perhaps that single shot is a visual finishing touch for a living icon that has embodied the vigilante by his own hand better than anyone on the big screen.