June 13, 2021

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The 5 most important roles of Tom Hardy

The 5 most important roles of Tom Hardy

When we heard the name of Tom Hardy five years ago we already knew that inevitably those two words would gain more and more force in the seventh art. And so it has been.

This British actor has lived through some spectacular years, associating with the most visionary directors and maintaining his character in complex productions to the fullest.

Here are the 5 most outstanding Tom Hardy tapes:

5 Ricki Tarr (‘The Mole’)

On a break from sci-fi and intense action, Hardy immersed himself in one of the best-constructed thrillers of recent years. The star-studded cast led by a dazzling Gary Oldman didn’t outshine Hardy, who used every moment with his character to show that name isn’t everything. And he also made it clear that he was more than happy to work – four times since then – with Oldman, his “hero.”

4 Max Rockatansky (‘Mad Max: Fury Road’)

Although the title of the film is named after her character, the recital was offered to us by Charlize Theron with Furiosa, but that did not stop Hardy from becoming the face of a renewed franchise and causing us to quickly forget about Mel Gibson. The flaky first three tapes of ‘Mad Max’ cannot stand the shocking presence of the fourth installment, and part of the responsibility for this falls on the contained rage of a somewhat expressive Hardy who carries whatever is needed on his shoulders.

3 Ivan Locke (‘Locke’)

Although he did not receive as much attention as his interventions in large Hollywood productions, his absolute prominence in ‘Locke’ is the moment in which many began to consider him not only as a talent to be reckoned with but as a force of nature. The car journey of this man whose life seems to be losing its foundations through phone calls had only the physical presence of Hardy, who established a prolific relationship with the prominent Steven Knight.

2 Charles Bronson (‘Bronson’)

Before ‘Drive’ put Nicolas Winding Refn on the map for good, the Danish filmmaker had under his command Tom Hardy in what is one of the most intense and physical works of his career to date. The isolation and transmutation of Bronson are perfectly interpreted by Hardy, who no matter how small the set is, is capable of displaying his full range of skills.

1 Tommy Conlon (‘Warrior’)

It may not be the obvious choice to choose as his big role, which is surely coming, but his work on Gavin O’Connor’s surprisingly under-recognized film is the most emotional and potent of his career. The duo that he composes with Joel Edgerton, which is the other half of a fragmented fraternal relationship whose paths collide in a wrestling championship, achieves a dramatic impact in which Hardy – the most affected of the two brothers – masterfully calibrates them. internal and external collateral damage of your character.