The 15 Most Iconic Looks in Met Gala History: From Cher and Lady Di to Rihanna and Zendaya

Regarding the return of the event that every fashion lover follows year after year, today we remember the best Met Gala dresses in history.

There are always those who play it safe, but also those who take advantage of the day to get their most extravagant ideas and make fashion the real star of the night on a catwalk starring the most influential stars of the moment.

If you want to know who the guests will be and what the theme of this year will be, check out this note and don’t forget to follow our coverage today.

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The best Met Gala dresses in history

To give you a bit of context, the Met Gala is a charity event that inaugurates the annual fashion show of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City’s Dress Institute year after year, as the funds raised become the budget. institute annual.

The event was established in 1948 and was initially chaired by fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert, with tickets that cost $ 50, a price very different from the $ 25,000 paid by attendees in 2014, according to reports.

Currently and since 1995, the direction of the same is in charge of the editor of the magazine ‘Vogue’, Anna Wintour, along with some honorary personalities that vary every year and under her leadership have seen some of the best dresses of the Met Gala in the history.

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While the gala was not held in 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, this year they are ready to return and once again inspire fans, designers and the entire world with their designs.

Since we may have missed one or another outfit, here is a video in which Wintour herself analyzes her favorite looks over the years.

To view our gallery of the best Met Gala dresses in history, click on the “Start Gallery” caption in the image above.

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