The 10 best Ray Liotta movies and one that beats them all

One of the most shocking news of 2022 was the death of Ray Liotta, one of those actors who did not need to make too much noise to be loved by everyone.

At Hobby Consolas and in the world of videogames in general, it is impossible to talk about Ray Liotta without recalling his role giving voice to tommy vercetti in GTA Vice City.

Nor could we forget his role in emergencieswhere he only had one appearance, but it earned him the Emmy for best guest star.

Today in Hobby Consoleswe review 10 of the best Ray Liotta movies and, by the way, we highlight one that is above all of them.

The Ray Liotta movies we are going to talk about are:


It was not easy for Ray Liotta to stand out in a film co-starring Sylvester Stallone and Harvey Keitelbut boy did he do it.

The actor shines in his solo parts and is key in supporting his peers in the thriller directed by James Mangold (Logan) Copland.

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But it is that it also had colossi of the cinema as Robert De Niro or Robert Patrick in the cast, which made his work as Gary Figgis all the more commendable.

Ray Liotta demonstrated on more than one occasion his great ability to work with multiple stars and find a way to stand out on his own merits.

John Q.

John Q-Ray Liotta

Maybe the role of Ray Liotta in John Q. It is not even secondary in many aspects, but it is a good demonstration that the actor needed little to leave his mark.

Liotta played Gus Monroe, a police chief tasked with overseeing the situation that triggered the actions of the character of Denzel Washington which gives the film its title.

The actor did not need more than a few scenes to earn his place in the movie.

The strength of a lesser being

The strength of a lesser being

Although many of Ray Liotta’s great roles are tied to thrillers, the actor also dabbled in heartbreaking dramas like The strength of a lesser being.

The Luciano brothers, Dominick (Tom Hulce) and Eugene (Liotta), always looked out for each other. Nick is slightly disabled, but works as a garbage man to help pay for Eugene’s education.

But Ray Liotta’s character is torn between staying close to his brother or parting ways and focusing on his studies.

The lives of both reach a turning point in the film directed by Robert M. Young.


Identity - Ray Liotta

Another collaboration between Ray Liotta and James Mangold was Identity, a kind of Cluedo that was loosely inspired by a novel by Christie Agatha.

This slasher-tinged thriller is quite tricky and places Ray Liotta in a unique position, accompanied by john cusack.

A group of passengers take refuge in a desert motel in the middle of a storm, but it doesn’t take long to discover that there is a murderer among them.


Narc (2002)

In Narcthe movie of joe carnahan of 2002, Ray Liotta has the role of sidekick of the protagonist, Jason Patrick.

This thriller will see Nick, the character of Patric, a police inspector, investigate the death of an undercover narcotics officer.

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Liotta plays his partner, Henry Oak, but their relationship, and their own work, will become complicated as they sink into the jaws of the underworld.

A manual thriller with some very interesting twists and a Ray Liotta who is not to be missed for not being the absolute center of the story.

something wild

Something Wild - Ray Liotta

As was the case in ER, the small role of Ray Liotta in Something Wild was flashy enough to earn him the Golden Globe nomination.

Liotta didn’t take the trophy, but he did show that his acting range was tremendously broad and not outshone by anyone.

The film directed by jonathan demme had as protagonists Jeff Daniels and Melanie Griffith who, along with Liotta, were also nominated for the Golden Globes.

field of dreams

field of dreams

Field of Dreams is one of the most recognizable films of the career of ray liotta thanks to his role as Joe Jackson.

The story, moreover, is one of the most beloved sports dramas in history, and the connection between Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) and Joe Jackson improves with each passing minute.

The fantastical touches of Field of Dreams make the movie Phil Alden Robinson has an “I don’t know what” that makes it a notable difference from other films of the genre.


Crossroads - Deluca - Ray Liotta

Derek Cianfrance directed in 2012 Crossroada film with three stories that, as its title predicts, will intersect at a certain point.

Ray Liotta plays Detective Beluca, who works with Bradley Cooper’s character and is corrupt to the core.


Blow (2001)

ted demme orchestrated a tremendous tandem for his fake biopic blowinspired by the dealer George Jung.

Johnny Depp was in charge of giving life to George Jung in the film, but Ray Liotta has a fundamental role as Fred, the father of the protagonist.

The Expendables 2 Chuck Norris Stallone

The film also featured talents like Penélope Cruz, Paul Reubens or Jordi Molláwhich complete, among others, a most dynamic cast.

George starts dealing cannabis, but the call of the obscene amounts of money that trafficking on a larger scale can generate, ends up making him succumb.

story of a marriage

Marriage Story - Jay Moratta - Ray Liotta

Another “small” but brilliant role for Ray Liotta is found in Marriage Story, Netflix’s heartbreaking family drama.

The actor plays Jay Moratta, the second lawyer used by Charlie, Adam Driver’s character, in the process of separating from his wife, Nicole (Scarlett Johansson).

One of ours

Ray Liotta in Goodfellas (1990)

By now, you all imagined that the Ray Liotta film that was going to stand above all others was this Martin Scorsese masterpiece.

In addition to being one of the best works of the actor, One of ours It is one of the best gangster movies in the entire history of cinema.

The Sopranos - James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano

Liotta plays henry hilla young man in love with the criminal network who, despite his Irish ancestry – although he is also Sicilian – manages to make his way in the Pauline family.

The loss of Ray Liotta left us without one of the great actors of his generation, but we will be able to enjoy his legacy through his great films.

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The 10 best Ray Liotta movies and one that beats them all