The 10 best Keanu Reeves movies and one that beats them all

Among the great stars of Hollywood, without a doubt Keanu Reeves is one of the ones that shines the most, not precisely because of his acting talent, but because of the good person he proves to be.

The good deeds carried out by the actor towards his fans and his teammates during the filming of all the films in which he is minimally a part. He quickly became one of the most beloved stars around the world..


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Beyond his great kindness, Reeves has also stood out a lot for his acting work, where he has not only been part of very popular films, but has also played some of the most iconic characters in cinema history.

Today, at Hobby Consolas, we review the career of this beloved actor, collecting below The 10 best Keanu Reeves movies and one that beats them all.

The 10 best movies starring Keanu Reeves


no doubt one of the best known roles of Keanu Reeves is the young Ted in The amazing adventures of Bill and Teda delirious sci-fi comedy in which he stars alongside Alex Winter.

Its plot revolves around Bill and Ted, two inseparable 17-year-old friends and members of a rock band who, like most teenagers, feel more interested in music than in their studies.

Graduation day is near and they must pass the History exam no matter what, although things are difficult for the boys. When it seems that all is lost, Rufus appears, an emissary from the future who offers them an amazing trip back in time to meet some of the most important characters in history..

This delirious comedy has become a whole saga that returned last 2020 with a third installment titled Bill & Ted save the universewhere our protagonists return to the charge having to save the universe through an original song.


my private idaho

In 1991, a young Keanu Reeves starred with River Phoenix in My Private Idaho, an interesting drama written and directed by Gus Van Sant that touches on the subject of homosexuality.

The film follows the story of Mike Waters (River Phoenix) and Scott Favor (Keanu Reeves), two young hustlers who make a living as prostitutes on the streets of Portland.

Mike lives obsessed with the search for his mother, while Scott dedicates himself to this profession in order to rebel against his domineering and millionaire father.

A strong friendship develops between Mike and Scott, but This is in danger when Scott falls in love with a young woman and Mike realizes that he is about to lose the only important person in his life..


they call him Bodhi

Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, they call him Bodhi is an action film produced by James Cameron starring Keanu Reeves alongside Patrick Swayze.

In the film, Reeves plays Johnny Utah, a young FBI agent who infiltrates the surf scene to unmask a gang of robbers who, as a hallmark, wear the masks of United States presidents during their attacks.

However, Johnny quickly becomes infatuated with the beautiful and attractive Tyler and, furthermore, he meets Bodhi, the head of the gang, a man who lives on the edge and who ends up exerting a great influence on the young policeman..


Bram Stoker's Dracula

Between the best movies starring keanu reeves have Bram Stoker’s Draculaa cult film in which the actor shares the bill with Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder and Anthony Hopkins.

The story of Dracula begins in 1890, where Jonathan Harker (Reeves), a young English lawyer engaged to the governess Mina Murray (Ryder) who must travel to Count Dracula’s (Oldman) castle in Transylvania to help him close the sale of some properties. which he bought in London.

Immediately Jonathan will realize that the count is a most base and despicable being, but before he can do anything, Dracula locks him in his castle and decides to travel to London to find Mina, who was fascinated by contemplating her portrait because it reminds him of his late love, Elisabeta..

Winner of three Oscars, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a film that, although Francis Ford Coppola took certain creative liberties, as a whole it is a very good adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel, which is considered among the best adaptations of Dracula.


Much ado About Nothing

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, Much ado About Nothing is an adaptation of the popular play by William Shakespeare in which Keanu Reeves shares the bill with Emma Thompson, Robert Sean Leonard, Denzel Washington, Michael Keaton and Kenneth Branagh himself.

Prince Don Pedro of Aragon returns victorious from a battle accompanied by his bastard brother Don Juan, Benedicto and Claudio, a young Florentine who has been showered with honors for the great courage shown on the battlefield.

As the young heroes pass through the majestic arcades of Leonato’s estate, warm welcomes and passionate glances are exchanged between the conquering warriors and the ladies who await them.


Maximum power

Undoubtedly one of the best keanu reeves movies is Speed: Maximum powera fast-paced action film in which the actor stars alongside Sandra Bullock.

Known by Homer Simpson as “The Bus That Couldn’t Go Slower”the plot of the tape follows Jack Traven, a Los Angeles police officer who He must face an ordeal when he is trapped in a city bus that has a bomb installed that is programmed to explode if the vehicle slows down to less than 80 kilometers per hour..


When you least expect it

Written and directed by Nancy Meyers, When you least expect it is a romantic comedy in which Keanu Reeves shares the bill with Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Amanda Peet, Frances McDormand and Jon Favreau, among others.

The plot of the movie revolves around Harry Sanborn, a recalcitrant bachelor who only dates women much younger than him. He and Marin, her latest conquest, have planned a romantic weekend at her mother’s beach house.

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But when Harry has a heart attack, Marin’s mother, Erica Barry, a famous divorced writer, reluctantly agrees to nurse him back to health.

Harry, awed by the noble gesture, realizes that he is attracted to her, but Erica is also courted by a young doctor. Once recovered, Harry returns to his home and to his old habits. However, the relationship with Erica has altered his life and his feelings.



could not miss between the best keanu reeves movies Constantinea film based on the famous character from the DC comics in which the actor stars alongside Rachel Weisz, Shia LaBeouf and Tilda Swinton.

The film follows the story of John Constantine, a man born with a gift he didn’t want. the ability to clearly recognize hybrid angels and demons that walk the Earth under a human guise.

Constantine was forced to take his own life to escape his tormenting visions. However, against his will, he was resurrected and saw himself again in the world of the living; although due to his suicide attempt he became a mortal being.

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Thereafter, he patrols the earthly border between heaven and hell, hoping in vain to earn salvation by sending the devil’s minions back to the depths. But Constantine is no saint. Disillusioned by the world around him and faced with the afterlife, he is a bitter hero who smokes excessively, lives a hard life and despises the very idea of ​​heroism..

When a desperate but skeptical police detective enlists his help to solve the mysterious death of his beloved twin sister, their investigation takes them through the world of demons and angels that is under Los Angeles. Caught up in a series of catastrophic supernatural events, the two find themselves involved and try to find their own peace at any cost.


A Scanner Darkly

Written and directed by Richard Linklater, A Scanner Darkly is an animated science fiction film that stars Keanu Reeves along with a cast of the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson, Winona Ryder and Rory Cochrane.

Based on a story by Philip K. Dick, the film is set in Orange County, California, in a future time in which America has lost the battle against drugs, whose plot follows an undercover cop who is ordered to spy on his own friends.


John Wick (Another Day to Kill)

no doubt between The best of Keanu Reeves’ filmography this John Wick (Another Day to Kill) and its corresponding sequels, whose protagonist has become an icon of action cinema.

The saga starts with John Wick, a retired hitman who is back in action to exact revenge on the gangsters who took everything from him.

This has triggered a whole successful film saga whose fourth installment will land in theaters this 2023 and its universe will expand with The Continentala prequel series, and ballerinaa spin-off film starring Ana de Armas in which Keanu Reeves will also participate.



How could it be otherwise, the Keanu Reeves film that stands out above all others is matrixconsidered one of the best science fiction films in the history of cinema in which the actor plays Neo, another of the most iconic celluloid characters.

The film follows Thomas Anderson, a programmer for a reputable software company who in the shadows is a notorious hacker known as Neo and who throughout his life has been left with the nagging feeling that something is not quite right.

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Through Morpheus and Trinity, Neo discovers that the world he lives in is not real, but a simulation of the world as it once was in a programming known as the Matrix. According to the prophecy, Neo will be the Chosen One who will bring peace in the long war that is being waged between humans and machines..

The success of the film was the beginning of a movie saga. After closing his trilogy, a fourth installment called Matrix Resurrections in which Keanue Reeves was back, but it was left as a merely entertaining product that was light years from the splendor of his first film.

Here we end our review of The 10 best Keanu Reeves movies and one that beats them all. If you want to know the ranking of other renowned actors, here we leave you the 10 best Javier Bardem films and one that surpasses them all, as well as the 10 best Jack Nicholson films and one that surpasses them all.

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The 10 best Keanu Reeves movies and one that beats them all