Terminator: What Arnold Schwarzenegger said about his return to the saga after announcements

When in 1984, Arnold Schwarzenegger came out armed and with a very bad attitude in the film The Terminator by James Cameron, he was 37 years old, today he is 75 and he is still part of the famous science fiction and adventure franchise, however, he has clarified what his life will be like. participation in the next installment announced by Cameron in recent days.

The news flies, and much more when it comes to modern times, in which social networks and the Internet make each statement go around the world in a very short time. This was what happened when a couple of days ago, the director and creator of Terminatorthe filmmaker James Cameronwill announce that he is already writing a new script for another film of TerminatorAfter the resounding failure of Dark Fate.

Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke out about his participation in Terminator.

The news was given cameroninternationally acclaimed for the Avatar saga, in the Dell Tech World Conference 2023where he announced that the creation of a new film of Terminatorbut he wants to wait a bit for the progress and evolution of the use of artificial intelligence to give more body to the script, which apparently will leave behind his obsession with the killer robots of the future and will go more to software, in the style of Matrix.

Terminator is the film saga that James Cameron began in 1984, with the film starring arnold schwarzenegger in the role of T-800 cyborga machine sent from the future by software Skynetwho has taken control of humanity but is fighting against a human resistance force led by John Connor.

The mission of the T-800 was to assassinate the mother of John Connor, Sarah (Linda Hamilton)before she got pregnant by him, radically changing the entire timeline and getting rid of his worst enemy, which would become, almost immediately, his victory over the human race.

What Arnold Schwarzenegger said about his return to the Terminator franchise after the failure of Dark Fate

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton in Terminator Dark Fate, released in 2019.

When arnold schwarzenegger became an international star thanks to the success of Terminator, the film written and directed by James Cameron was almost 38 years old. Today he is 75 and his last participation in Terminator: Dark Fatethe third film in the timeline of cameronwas a resounding failure and failed to catch on as much as his first two appearances in 1984 and 1991, respectively.

Currently, after the bad drink at the box office with Terminator: Dark Fate, arnold schwarzenegger has reflected on his role and the cycle completed in Terminator in the last 39 years and has decided that, definitely among the younger public, it no longer has a place in the universe Terminatorso it has ruled out, at least for now, reincarnating the famous T-800 who terrified and protected JJohn Connor (Edward Furlong) and Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton).

“The franchise is not over. But I do. I got the message loud and clear that the world wants to change the subject when it comes to Terminator. Someone has to come up with a great idea.”

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Terminator: What Arnold Schwarzenegger said about his return to the saga after announcements