‘Tell me about yourself’ was inspired by this film by Emma Watson and Ezra Miller

‘Tell me about you’ is now available in Mexican theaters and if you’ve already seen it, you surely recognized several references to other great films, one of them has to do with ‘The advantages of being invisible’.

Some days ago, Tell me about you came to Mexican theaters to captivate the public with a tender story about self-discovery and the difficulties young people go through growing up. Eduardo Cortés’ debut film introduces us to Chava (Germán Bracco), a 17-year-old teenager who receives a mysterious message from a secret admirer. From that moment on, circumstances will make him rethink his idea of ​​his family, his friends and his own identity.

The Mexican film is inspired by personal anecdotes of the director, especially about his relationship with his father. In an interview with SensaCine Latam, Cortés shared with us some cinematographic references that have marked him in his life and that inspired him to do some of the scenes. One of them is The advantages of being invisible, starring Emma Watson, Ezra Miller and Logan Lerman. Did you recognize her?

If you have already seen the film, you surely remember the moment in which Chava and his father (Julio Bracho) go through a tunnel while listening to music at full volume, the young man has just had the most embarrassing moment of his life and as a way of liberation, leans out of the window and sings at the top of her lungs. Does it look familiar to you? In Stephen Chbosky’s film, there is an iconic scene where Emma Watson he is standing with open arms as they go through a tunnelin the background it sounds at full volume Heroes by David Bowie.

Both films portray the story of a teenager who has his first approach with love and who faces the difficulties of growing up, discovering himself along the way with the help of his friends. Also, the director shared that another filmmaker who has marked him is Xavier Dolan, who also served as a reference for the film, since within his filmography there are several titles that are characterized by telling stories about teenagers confronting their parents, as in mommy either I killed my mother.

The Perks of Being Invisible is based on the novel of the same name by Steven Chbosky.

In addition, it is worth noting the Canadian director also has made several LGBTTIQ+ movies as is the case with Laurence Anyways, Matthias & Maxime Y Les amours imaginaireswhich have been of great inspiration to the Mexican director and are clearly reflected in this film. Another one was Little Miss Sunshine starring Abigail Breslin, Paul Dano and Steve Carell; “She’s a smaller character but she’s dealing with growing up on a journey,” she said.

It must be said that although the film talks about growth in adolescence, the story leads the entire audience to reflect on who they really are. Tell me about you is currently on the billboard and has the participation of Arcelia Ramírez, Renata Vaca, Isidora Vives, Hugo Catalán and Daniela Schmidt. So if you haven’t seen it yet, probably after this you will pay more attention to the details and find more references.

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‘Tell me about yourself’ was inspired by this film by Emma Watson and Ezra Miller