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This Tuesday, May 25, it will be 44 years since Star Wars: A New Hope inaugurated the universe created by George Lucas with its world premiere. Produced on a budget of $ 11 million, it grossed $ 215 million in the United States and $ 337 million abroad, in addition to garnering 10 Oscar nominations.

And well, the history of its characters and protagonists is already well known, however, not always Harrison Ford or Carrie Fisher were chosen by the young bearded director for Han Solo or Princess Leia.

This is because a gallery of other famous actors went through auditions for the film, including a pubescent Sylvester Stallone and a rising star, Jodie Foster.

Rocky as Han Solo?

One of those who sought the role of the Corellian pilot, and with whom Harrison Ford stayed, was Rocky Balboa himself, Sylvester Stallone.

Rocky Balboa

In a Show Jimmy Fallon’s, in 2014, acknowledged that he auditioned for the role:

“I had just finished Rocky and I went to one of his auditions. I went in there, and from the first moment I knew that neither George Lucas nor the producer liked it “, stated Stallone, who also said that George Lucas looked at him after acting and said:” Look, mmm … It’s not that you’re … “, so Stallone replied: “I make it easier for you, I don’t have the face you expect for a guy in lycra with laser guns, right?”

1621957283 871 Sylvester Stallone as Han Solo and Jodie Foster as Leia

Another actor who could also play Han Solo was Kurt Russel, who already had a career as a promising figure.

1621957285 434 Sylvester Stallone as Han Solo and Jodie Foster as Leia

Also on the list was Al Pacino, who had not yet become famous with The Godfather or Scarface.

Princess jodie

In the same way that the role of Han Solo took time and some actors, the actress who would play Princess Leia Organa also caused headaches for the producers of To New Hope.

1621957287 635 Sylvester Stallone as Han Solo and Jodie Foster as Leia

One of the favorites was Jodie Foster, a very young actress at the time and who between 1976 and 1977 had recorded eight tapes, including the successful Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese.

Another actress who was very close to taking the role of Leia was Cindy Williams, who at that time became famous for a movie by Lucas himself, American Graffiti, in addition to acting in the series of comedy Laverne & Shirley like Shirley Feeney.

1621957288 185 Sylvester Stallone as Han Solo and Jodie Foster as Leia

Other rising stars back then who auditioned for the role included Glenn Close, Farrah Fawcett, Sigourney Weaver, Jane Seymour, Kim Basinger, Geena Davis, Kathleen Turner, Sissy Spacek, Anjelica Huston, and even Meryl Streep.

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