Swan Song: Why Watch Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris’ Dramatic Movie

Swan Song takes place in the not too distant future, you will not see flying cars or cities in the style Blade Runner, everything looks seemingly normal, with some details that take you just a little bit further into the future (like cloning).

It is the new technology that allows Cameron to find a way to protect his family and avoid a moment of pain, and to overcome death, but the price is very high and, in the end, it speaks more about our wishes and emotions as humans, that on great technological leaps. Think about Black Mirror, but in a more moving and thoughtful way, where technology seeks to help us overcome the fear of realizing that our time in the world is numbered.

Ultimately, what Cameron wants to do is prevent his wife and son from suffering, and he has a unique chance to do so, and that is something we can all relate to. Because of the way Swan Song was created (and every fan of architecture is going to like this movie), its premise sounds possible and close, although it is still a long way from what we can do today.

An impossible decision

What Cameron has to do is not easy, the result sounds good (to prevent his son, wife and his unborn baby from suffering), the complicated thing about all this is that, as a rule, he cannot tell anyone what he wants do and should make the decision alone, without asking your loved ones what they prefer and if they really want to avoid that suffering of losing it, knowing what it really means.

About his character and his decision, Ali says that “what Cameron does is informed 100% by what is happening in his life, in what his wife has already lived, with the fact that he has a young son and his wife is pregnant. . It is difficult for him to pass up this opportunity because of everything that is going on in his life. I personally believe that I am inclined to follow the natural order of things and the understanding that our time is going to end and none of us can determine when that will be. “

Harris plays Cameron’s wife, Poppy, and says that “the story is an ode to love, we can connect with that because, no matter how isolated we have felt these last few years, there is always someone we love and with. Whoever has a deep connection, we can connect with the fact of loving someone so much that we are willing to sacrifice our own desires and put them first. Love moves the world and having that as the central theme is incredible, because it is not superficial, they are two people who see the bad and the good, even what they try to hide and in the same way they love each other and seek the best for the other ” .

The questions that Swan Song wants you to do is if we can make an important decision for someone else, if we really should look for a way to avoid suffering (knowing that it is only for a moment) and deprive someone of the opportunity to say goodbye.

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Swan Song: Why Watch Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris’ Dramatic Movie