Superman or Sherlock? Henry Cavill’s best character

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Henry Cavill played in his professional career two iconic characters such as Superman and Sherlock Holmes. Which of them is the best?

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Henry Cavill He is one of the most popular actors today with a professional career gaining momentum and industry recognition giving him transcendental roles in which Britons can increasingly shine. However, there are two roles that attract all eyes in his filmography: Superman Yes sherlock holmes.

The Superman of Henry Cavill is a character who in his first appearance in Steel man he is in search of his true destiny. He is insecure about revealing himself to the world and does not know his Kryptonian roots and when he does, he finally accepts his powers and explores them without limits as seen in the sequence where he flies for the first time. Many criticized this version of the hero for not being ” happy “ as the Christopher Reevebut they did not understand that Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill they were going to develop it in several films.

Next Superman faces Batman in a dark film where the Kryptonian questioned the cruel and violent methods of Gotham’s Bat until Bruce Wayne, once he defeated Clark Kent, saw the human side of his ” enemy “ and along with Wonder Woman, they had to fight Doomsday, a creature created by Lex Luthor. Thus, the character played by Henry Cavill sacrifices himself to defeat the monster.

Superman or Sherlock?

The third film in which he appears Superman it’s in Justice League where the team of heroes led by Batman revives him to face Steppenwolf. At first, the Kryptonian confronts Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, and Batman, but later regains his consciousness and helps them eliminate the threat from Apokolips, at least for a while. The last speech of Henry Cavill in the DC Extended Universe is a cameo in a post-credits scene of black adam.

On the other hand, the sherlock holmes of Henry Cavill is definitely a character with enough “Pride” although he is always brilliant in terms of deductions, something that has always characterized this detective throughout his history, but it is interesting to see how the British actor manages this aspect. The relationship with Enola, his sister, has an interesting back and forth where he wants to take care of her but she is determined to constantly prove her worth. Sherlock offered Enola a job but she decided to go it alone.

Certainly the two characterizations he makes Henry Cavill of Superman Yes sherlock holmes they live up to the legacy that these iconic roles maintain through history. But if we have to choose one of the two, we are left Supermanbecause he had a deeper development than the detective and Henry Cavill he seems to have been born to play Clark Kent. Physically, he personifies him perfectly and also gives an intensity to the character that makes him the best. Superman the cinema.

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Superman or Sherlock? Henry Cavill’s best character