‘Superman: Legacy’ and other films that rejected Nicholas Hoult as the lead

David Coresnwet has given Nicholas Hoult a new setback in his career: Superman is his character. We tell you about other roles that the ‘Renfield’ star has recently lost in action movies and superheroes

If we were to pick the acting Cruz Azul we would definitely have to name Nicholas Hoult, the star of Renfield and Skins, because he made it to the final audition for Superman: Legacy and lost the role to David Corenswet, a guy who, like Henry Cavill seems to have been born with the jawbone and grace to play the Man of Steel conceived by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. so we tell you what other characters have won our beloved british actor, who broke it up with Anya Taylor-Joy in The Menu, to mention an example.

According to the Variety portal, Hoult was involved in the casting along with jacob elordi, Emma MacKey, Samara Weaving and Rachel Brosnahan within the final camera tests. Unfortunately for him, DCU heavyweights James Gunn and Peter Safran chose Corenswet and The Marvelous star Ms. Maisel as the main couple for this universe-wide reboot that Zack Snyder built with the help of henry cavill and Amy Adams in her own movies that have already been left in her universe due to the release of The Flash.

During an interview with The Guardian, Nicholas Hoult revealed that he also made it to the final auditions for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, a film that was left in the hands of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. “I honestly don’t think he would have fit into the universe as well as Rob did. He did a great job and I don’t think I would have done so well ultimately.” He exposed in the interview he gave with the British media. So he was quite condescending and humble in his response.

In the same talk, he explained that Miles Teller was also the winner of Rooster in Tom Cruise’s multi-tasking film, Top Gun: Maverick, while the same actor in this one did not see him as suitable to be the villain of Mission Impossible 7, a role that he did Esai Morales occupied within this film that will be one of the great premieres of the season along with Oppenheimer and Barbie. So he lost a lot of important roles and it doesn’t seem like he’s a bad actor. He proved it in dramas like The Great, My boyfriend is a zombie and Mad Max: Fury Road.


Some fans imagined him as the ultimate Superman

Nicholas Hoult has an upcoming participation as the voice of Jon the owner of Garfield in the animated film that will star Chris Pratt. He’ll also be a part of Nosferatu and apparently Juror No. 2, the movie that’s supposed to be the final retirement of all-time veteran Clint Eastwood. So far there are rumors that Nicholas liked him so much that he Gunn would find him a place in the DCU either as Lex Luthor or another character that is soon in development. Although we’ll see what happens with Superman’s nemesis as Alexander Skarsgard and Bill Skarsgard are in the race, guys proven in antagonistic characters.

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‘Superman: Legacy’ and other films that rejected Nicholas Hoult as the lead