Sully, Feat on the Hudson: The movie based on a true story by Clint Eastwood and with Tom Hanks to watch on Netflix

Day by day, the catalog of Netflix it is renewed with the incorporation of new films and series. In some cases they are original productions of the platform, while in other cases they are tapes that generated a great impact and are acquired by the service to satisfy its millions of subscribers. That is the case of Sully: Feat on the Hudson, a film starring Tom Hanks that reached the streaming giant today.

The 2016 production is directed by Clint Eastwood and its story based on true events revolves around Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, an air pilot who became a hero in 2009 when, shortly after take off, his plane – an Airbus 320 – broke down and had to make a forced landing in the middle of the Hudson River, with 155 passengers on board, which ended with no fatalities.

Sully: Feat on the Hudson. Photo: Warner Bros.

At the time of its premiere, the film had a great impact on the part of specialized critics, who praised the way in which Eastwood directed this story known to most. “Eastwood has the secrets. He knows how to be classic and not old, how to fluently tell a story […] The amazing thing is the effective suspense that the director manages to generate with what we already know, such is his narrative mastery, “said Javier Porta Fouz in The nation.

Secondly, The Hollywood Reporter reviewed: “A solid and committed tribute to professionalism and being good at your job, Sully vividly portrays the physical realities and the human component of the dramatic plane crash landing. “Finally, in Chicago Sun-Times They stated: “An electrifying thriller, wonderfully in-depth character study, and riveting procedural about aviation safety […] Hanks delivers one more than a long line of award-winning and memorable performances […]”.

The cast of Sully: Feat on the Hudson complete it Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney, Anna Gunn, Autumn Reeser, Sam Huntington, Jerry Ferrara, Jeff Kober, Chris Bauer, Holt McCallany, Lynn Marocola y Max Adler. Watch the trailer for the film available on Netflix below: