“Stranger Things”: why season 4 was the most difficult to record, according to Millie Bobby Brown

what happened in “Stranger Things 4″? The Netflix series took another step on its path that began in 2016, with a first volume of chapters where the universe raised from the first season has been further developed. This work of consolidating history has not been easy for the production behind the program, as well as for the actors. For example, Millie Bobby Brown, the fictional star alongside Finn Wolfhard, Winona Ryder, Gaten Matarazo, David Harborhas told about what was the most difficult thing about recording the recent installment.

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The season 4 is available in the streaming platform since May 27 and has already established itself as one of the premieres most important of 2022, despite the almost three years it took to appear.

Now, the great villain that he so badly needed has manifested himself and his name is neighborwho seems to be the god of The other side, the parallel dimension where Will was trapped at the beginning and the nest of the monsters that terrorize hawkins with disappearances and deaths.

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At first glance, it can be assumed that developing a more complete and terrifying plot was difficult, but there is another aspect that made the shooting of “Stranger Things 4″ be very hard and Millie Bobby Brown He explained it in a recent interview.

Promotional image of Eleven during “Stranger Things 4” (Photo: Netflix)


Millie Bobby Brown told that season 4 of “Stranger Things” was the most difficult to shoot because they did it in different places and in three years, when the plan was to do it in less time but the COVID-19 pandemic was the enemy of the schedule the Netflix series

“I would say mainly (it was the most difficult) because we shot for three years. Especially with the amount of recording we had to do in three different places: Lithuania, New Mexico and Atlanta. And it was difficult, yes.the young actress told .

The recordings of “Stranger Things 4″ started in February 2020. However, it was not possible to continue with the expected course due to the health emergency generated by the coronavirus. The filming was first paralyzed for a month and then it was postponed until the set was returned to with all the biosafety protocols. It ended in September 2021 in Lithuania.

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Eleven trying to use her powers in season 4 (Photo: Netflix)
Eleven trying to use her powers in season 4 (Photo: Netflix)


The volume 1 of season 4 of “Stranger Things” is available in from Friday, May 27, 2022. The program uploaded its seven episodes to the streaming platform. Volume 2 will arrive on July 1, according to the official announcement of those responsible for the fiction.

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Vecna, the great villain of season 4 of the show (Photo: Netflix)
Vecna, the great villain of season 4 of the show (Photo: Netflix)


Stranger Things - Season 4
Netflix announced with this video the realization of a fourth season of “Stranger Things” (Video: Netflix)



“Not anymore (I’m a superhero)”

Without a doubt, one of the most moving phrases of the season 4 of “Stranger Things” is when raise tells to Mike that she is no longer a superhero, after losing her abilities and entering into an identity conflict.

“What did you do?”

But since the strange has always marked the netflix seriesthere is a memory of the “classmates” of Eleven who were massacred next to the dr brennerwho asks him what he has done to the young protagonist, implying that it was she who he murdered them all.

Cast of the series "stranger things" (Photo: Netflix)
Cast of the series “Stranger Things” (Photo: Netflix)

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“Stranger Things”: why season 4 was the most difficult to record, according to Millie Bobby Brown