Stranger Things season: Finn Wolfhard finds it ridiculous to do a season 6!

Stranger Things season Finn Wolfhard finds it ridiculous to make a season 6!

Finn Wolfhard thinks doing Stranger Things season 6 is ridiculous. According to the actor, the Netflix series would have stopped earlier!

A few months ago, Netflix unveiled the latest season from Stranger Things. And the least we may say is that fans can’t wait to see what’s next. On the other hand, it would seem that Stranger Things season 6 is too much for Finn Wolfhard.

Finn Wolfhard confides in Stranger Things season 6

For many years, Netflix subscribers have been able to view adventures of Eleven and her friends in her hit series. And the least we can say is that fans are waiting impatiently for Stranger Things season 6.

On the other hand, Finn Wolfhard revealed that making a season 6 was too much. Indeed, according to him, the directors should not have gone so far. Despite his opinion, he still can’t wait to shoot the sequel.

In an interview with Uproxx, the one who plays Mike in the series reveals that it was not necessary to do so many seasons. James Cameron, the director of Avatar, has moreover pointed out a major concern.

He pointed out that the children had grown too much between the different seasons. And that ruins the show. For his part, Finn Wolfhard seems to share the same opinion. He still confided that Stranger Things season 6.

The young man said: “Not ready, but I’m just really excited to start working on it. Because after having finished watching season four, I was like, ‘Damn, let’s go back and film now’. ».

“I am really sad about this”

Finn Wolfhard continued on Stranger Things season 6: “I just want to help finish it, but not in the feel like i want to end. It’s like I want to know what’s going on.”.

Before revealing: “I’m really sad about this, but also, I know this is the next kind of chapter in everyone’s life that has to happen”. But that’s not all.

The actor of Stranger Things season 6 said: “Also, to me, if Stranger Things were longer than five years, I would say that would be ridiculous. I think the Duffer brothers found, I guess, a perfect ending to five seasons.

“We didn’t even know if we would do two. So we’re glad people are still around and want to watch it. But yeah, I’m excited. Four seasons was huge”.

Finn Wolfhard said about Stranger Things season 6: “But I think I’d like to see the fifth season rely more on the dynamics of the first season.

Before concluding : “And kind of be a bit more contained, but also gigantic. I hope we somehow get an ending for each character that is satisfying enough for the fans”.

A missed kiss

Not long ago, the actor of Stranger Things season 6 also returned to his failed kiss with Millie Bobby Brown. For The Drew Barrymore Show, Finn Wolfhard said: ” It looks like i eat his face.

The main interested party also confessed: “I didn’t know how to approach it at all. I was just told, ‘You’re going to do this thing, and at the end of the take, you are going to kiss her.

He also confessed: “And then I…almost knocked her out!” A romantic way to put it would be to say that I headbutted him. But I was only 12! ».

Of the pretty funny confidences on this day that marked the two actors of Stranger Things season 6!

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Stranger Things season: Finn Wolfhard finds it ridiculous to do a season 6!