Stranger Things 4: Vecna ​​made Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) cry… the villain!

Jamie Campbell Bower, the interpreter of Vecna ​​in season 4 of Stranger Things who became one of the new stars of the series, declared that Millie Bobby Brown burst into tears when she discovered him in the role of Vecna.

This is a somewhat unusual anecdote. Jamie Campbell Bower, the new star of season 4 of Stranger Things, told variety that Millie Bobby Brown cried when she saw him arrive on set with the make-up and creepy prosthetics of his character, the obnoxious Vecna.

In his interview with the American magazine, the British actor discussed with the famous make-up artist of the series Barrie Gower – also interviewed – the reaction that his character Vecna, the main antagonist of the season, provoked. He explained that Millie Bobby Brown was set up on set for her first scene with Vecna. Scene in which she is tied up. When she saw the creature advancing towards her, she had a reaction “electric“.


Millie Bobby Brown, terrorized by Vecna

I approached her [en tant que Vecna] and she burst into tears. She didn’t want to look at me and she was visibly disgusted by the whole thing,” Bower said.

The actor also shared his take on Mille Bobby Brown who’s been playing Eleven for four seasons, adding that the actress is “so receptive and honest and open and childlike” in the role that “everything that’s supposed to be scary and should be scary is terrifying to her.”

Stranger Things: 8 hours of makeup for Vecna, the incredible transformation in video

Jamie Campbell Bower and Barrie Gower explained to Variety that while it may seem “a bit creepy“, they knew they would get something special with Millie Bobby Brown’s first take. The makeup artist goes on to say that he hoped the take would make it into the series, with Millie Bobby Brown’s reaction being so genuine.

After shedding some heartfelt tears of terror, the young actress realized it was Jamie Campbell Bower under the make-up and prosthetics when she smelled cigarettes on him. “I’m a smoker,” admits the actor with a smile. Bower’s transformation into Vecna ​​is most realistic. Each “makeup” session lasted seven and a half hours, with her day usually starting at 3am. After about 10 to 12 hours of filming, he still needed an hour to remove everything.

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Stranger Things 4: Vecna ​​made Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) cry… the villain!