Star Wars: why Thandiwe Newton is angry with Solo

Thandiwe Newton explains the reason for his character’s early death in Solo : A Star Wars Story.

Since Disney woke up the franchise from its sweet sleep Star Wars for postlogy, Mickey did not fail to send us as many films as possible in a short time. With five films in just five years, the big-eared studio is trying to make as profitable as possible its takeover of LucasFilm. The postlogy itself has received quite a mixed reception from fans of the space saga, but Disney didn’t stop there by offering as well. spin-offs focusing on key events or characters.

Yes in 2016 Rogue One : A Star Wars Story had succeeded in inspiring, following the brand A Star Wars Story greatly disappointed the fans. Indeed, Solo : A Star Wars Story did not conquer the hearts of the spectators, even establishing itself as the first flop of the saga on the big screen, and it is not Thandiwe Newton who will say the opposite seen as she went up against the film.

“I feel they are going to do it backwards to me”

The poorly greased cogs of the production of Solo (including dismissal of directors) are not necessarily the only causes of the failure of the film, both critically and financially, but it must be said that it should not have helped. Artistic decisions made in the urgency of a second Ron Howard shoot also contributed to the overall confusion in the film. Thandiwe Newton, who played the character of Val, who saw its role annihilated from the universe for reasons of budget and time while his story arc had been written differently.

Because where Val should initially be able to return in a hypothetical Solo 2 (acclaimed by Emilia Clarke), she dies very quickly from the first robbery of Han (Alden Ehrenreich) and her husband Tobias (Woody Harrelson) in an explosion not necessarily fascinating from a dramatic point of view. A decision that did not delight the actress, who lost the opportunity to return in the next films of the franchise as she confided to Inverse :

photo, Thandiwe NewtonStaring straight at death

“I was disappointed with Star Wars because my character was killed. And, in fact, in the script, she wouldn’t die. It happened during filming. And it was a lot more to the time we had. to do the scenes. It’s much easier to kill me than it is to make me fall into the void of space so that I can come back someday.

This is what was originally planned: an explosion and a fall that drags him we do not know where or where. So I could have come back at some point. But when we started shooting, as far as I’m concerned and as far as filming this scene goes, I was aware that this was too much of a set piece to create, so they gave me simply detonated and it was over.

photo, Alden EhrenreichFinally, we have to play it between guys

But I remember back then I was like, “This is a big, big mistake” – not because of me, not because I wanted to come back. You don’t sacrifice the first black woman to have a real role in a Star Wars movie so vainly. Are you kidding or what? “

An opportunistic killing and without noticeable impact on the narrative as Han ends the mission to save Chewbacca and Tobias. At the moment Thandiwe Newton is playing Reminiscence from Hugh Jackman whose review is right here. Otherwise, that of Solo is always around.