Star Plus offers the best film in which Bryan Cranston and Edward Norton collaborate; was nominated for an Oscar

The animation It was the cinematographic genre that unleashed the most controversy during the delivery of the Awards Oscar of 2019. The reason for this was that two films divided the public into the short list of which was the winner of the award for the Better Film Animated. It was about “Spider-Man into de Spiderverse” e “Isle of Dogs“.

Although the work that exposes the adventures of the multiverse of the friendliest neighbor of all New York was the one that won before the critics, the production of Wes Anderson was considered by many in internet forums and social networks as the champion without a crown, due to the mastery that reached the filmmaker U.S.

One of the reasons why it is known in its original language as “Isle of Perros” It stands out is the dream cast that it has, since in addition to other figures, actors such as Bryan Cranston, Koyu Rankin, Edward Norton, Bob Balaban, Bill Murray y Jeff Goldblum.

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What is this Wes Anderson movie about?

The Japanese government of the future has realized that dogs have been infected with a flu that endangers human beings. For this reason, the mayor Kenji Kobayashi decided to quarantine these animals and thus take them to a isla in which all the garbage in the area is deposited.

A boy named Atari decides to clandestinely take a plane to get to this point. His only purpose is to be able to see his dog, from whom he was separated to comply with the measure established by the government. Upon arriving at the scene, the minor suffers an accident.

Upon awakening, the child realizes that he is surrounded by a group of five canes who were abandoned on the site, who become his guard to accompany him in the search for his partner. During the journey, the main characters must face various dangers such as robots, animals and a group that intends to keep these pets segregated.

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The movie is available on Star Plus.

Why should you see it?

This film is one of the best made using the technique of stop motion, which is achieved by occupying clay dolls and photographing them thousands of times to achieve the illusion of movement. To animate every second, you need at least 14 snapshots, which is commendable on a 101-minute tape.

In addition to this, the history it is endearing, it has an agile rhythm and it also shows extremely moving moments that are seasoned with a very characteristic humor. The psychology of the dogs stands out above all, which shows that behind their actions there were hours of research on the behaviors of these animals.

Although the film focuses on the search for Akira, the relationship between pets of this narration between them and humans makes them look more authentic, characteristic and real. Sensations such as distraction, the taste for eating garbage, loyalty and even the yearnings of these beings alive they are elements that combine a common thread that any production should envy.

The round from nut Almost at the end of the delivery it is unexpected, but there are various elements that are shown in a subtle way that leave a good taste in the mouth and also serve as clues to sustain the final revelation without any inconvenience. The actors come together in an amalgam of characters that are diverse in this film that shows off the elements that make up a artwork.

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  • Bryan Cranston is Chief: a black stray dog ​​who is the leader of the pack. He distrusts humans and hesitates to help the child.
  • Edward Norton plays Rex, who was the mascot of a library administrators.
  • Bill Murray, gives his voice to Boss, the dog who was a teammate on a baseball team.
  • Jeff Goldblum plays Duke, the companion of an Inuit family who enjoys gossiping.
  • Bob Balaban brings to life King, who spent years being the face of a dog food brand.

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