June 30, 2021

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Stanley Cup Final | Viggo Mortensen: “It’s our moment”

Stanley Cup Final Viggo Mortensen Its our moment

Actor Viggo Mortensen loves the Canadian. And he explains why, in this message sent to The Press.

Why the Canadian?

Why not ? I have been a huge fan of the club for 50 years. I started following the team by watching them on TV here in upstate New York and listening to radio shows when games weren’t on TV.

Like any Habs fan delighted with the exploits of the great Montreal teams of the 1970s, the last Stanley Cup we won, in 1993, seemed to come after too long a drought. We had no idea what we were going to suffer over the next 28 years! But we’re finally back, and it looks like fate is on our side.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, I had to watch all three series against Toronto, Winnipeg and Las Vegas on TV across the St. Lawrence. I would have liked to have been at the Bell Center for Game 6 against the Golden Knights, or at least to be on the streets in Montreal to celebrate this long-awaited historic victory.

Although I cannot attend in person, I will be watching, across the St. Lawrence, every second of every period played against Tampa. This is our moment! We know very well how difficult it is to reach the Stanley Cup Final Series. Let us suffer together, but also enjoy every moment that we can. As Guy Lafleur said, “you don’t play hockey to have good seasons. We play to win the Stanley Cup. This must be the goal ”.



Did you know ?

Stanley Cup Final Viggo Mortensen Its our moment


Nikita Kucherov

Only three players in NHL history have recorded 30 or more playoff points two years in a row. There is Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky and… Nikita Kucherov. Not bad.

Kim Clavel, optimistic

Kim Clavel is not just a great boxer and a great personality to Big Brother, she is also a strong hockey analyst.

Tim Raines, unwavering

Looks like we always feel a little better when Rock is around.

The Badgers, traitors?

It only took one game for the Wisconsin Badgers to turn their back on Cole Caufield and retweet the successes of fellow alumni Ryan McDonagh.

Angela Price, emotional

1625073214 804 Stanley Cup Final Viggo Mortensen Its our moment

Carey Price’s wife, Angela, is not the type to deny herself to share her moods on her account Instagram. Her testimony on Monday, where she is emotional, almost on the verge of tears, however, reminds us that triumph or adversity, for each player, is also a family affair. “We play in the Stanley Cup final. I’m having a hard time getting used to the idea. Carey has worked so hard for this moment for the past 15 years. We’ve been here for 15 years. It is so exciting. ”

And according to you …

How will the Canadian be able to recover from this defeat?

1625073214 584 Stanley Cup Final Viggo Mortensen Its our moment


Editor’s Note: Please know that we read with interest all of your many posts. We cannot respond to you individually, because we receive a lot of it, but we read absolutely everything. It is a privilege then to post some of your best comments.

“The Canadian received a solid right, but is still not on the ground, so he does not have to get up. This warning should wake him up, however, mesmerized by the Lightning’s powerful attack. It is not too late to show what wood it is heating up with. Blocking the center of the ice despite the speed of this astonishing opponent is not impossible, however, you will have to keep your cool and show off your skills, which was not done during this first meeting. “- Christian Castonguay

“Hadn’t the CH lost the first against Vegas 4-1? So why would losing 5-1 be so demoralizing? “- Roger Valois

“I do not believe that the Canadian will recover from this crushing defeat. We see that the Tampa Bay team want the Cup at all costs and they are proud, fast, big and talented and they have more Quebecers in their team than the Canadian. Perhaps Quebec’s anger and pride have something to do with it. In any case, it was embarrassing, during the presentation of the players, to see more Quebecers among our opponents than in our team. Maybe Mr. Molson should listen to Serge Savard and hire more players from our region. After all, it is the professional sports team that is supposed to represent Quebec. “- Pierre Desrosiers

“With a few small adjustments and the return of Joel Armia and more robustness. Tampa has been more opportunistic. Go Habs Go. ”- Diane Huet

“The Lightning may have, as we say in English, poke the bear. At least that’s what I hope. Go Habs Go. ”- Mario Allaire

“The Canadiens players absolutely have to show a greater esprit de corps. I couldn’t believe that Brendan Gallagher had to defend against two or three opposing players in the Tampa Bay net without getting any support from his teammates. I was particularly disappointed to see Shea Weber stay out of the way for at least a good 20 feet as Gallagher lay on the ice with an obvious head injury. The Canadiens’ defenders should not be afraid of breaststroke, at the risk of being penalized, especially since the referees turn a blind eye to just about all infractions. Defenders also need to shoot more on goal. They started doing it late. “- Eric Turgeon

“It will certainly be difficult but not impossible to get up after this defeat. The CH will look to regroup and, in my opinion, find the energy to go for at least two wins against the Lightning in this series. Of course, I would have liked a lot more, but it is clear that the opponent demonstrates a talent and strength that are difficult to beat. Am I pessimistic or realistic? “- Nicole Boyer

A little politics

We continue our tour of the reactions provoked by this Stanley Cup final on social networks. Obviously, our politicians could not miss the opportunity. Here are some messages gleaned here and there.

Joe Biden

Apparently, the challenge is launched by the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and accepted by US President Joe Biden. It remains to know the said challenge.

Dominique anglade

The leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec, Dominique Anglade, offered a nice dose of self-mockery by using the video of his now famous celebration to score the goal scored on Monday by the Canadian.

Valerie Plante

Valérie Plante spoke with her counterpart from Tampa Bay, Jane Castor. We can guess what the discussion quickly turned to.

Enrico Ciccone

1625073214 244 Stanley Cup Final Viggo Mortensen Its our moment

We can forget it, but Enrico Ciccone wore the colors of the two teams that face each other in the final. We will not dare to ask him to whom his heart swings!