Spider-Man – No Way Home: Tom Holland teases an incredible scene with a mysterious character

The release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is slowly but surely approaching. We will find the superhero played by Tom Holland from December 15. In full promotion, the actor teases a great scene with a mystery character.

Spider-Man’s return expected at the end of the year

Spider-Man : No Way Home is certainly one of the most anticipated Marvel feature films of Phase IV. First, because the version of Tom Holland is very popular with fans. But also, and above all, because the film will propel us into the twists and turns of the multiverse. He should thus cross the different incarnations of the acrobatic superhero as well as several iconic enemies. Even if they are not yet revealed by the promotion, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will be present a priori. In the other camp, we already know that Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina will return respectively to Electro and Dr Octopus.

We obviously do not forget that Benedict Cumberbatch will be part of Doctor Strange. In addition, reports have suggested that various well-known figures could stand out. No doubt that this Spider-Man : No Way Home will want to play the fan service card to the fullest, especially since Spider-Man would then have to ditch the MCU and return to Sony – or something like that, the plan is still very unclear at this time.

Spider-Man (Tom Holland) – Spider-Man : No Way Home ©Sony Pictures Releasing

Tom Holland sells us dreams

Despite the wave of postponements of Marvel films by Disney, Spider-Man : No Way Home remains firmly attached to its release date set on December 15th. Promotion is logically underway at the moment to raise public expectations. Director Jon Watts notably just declared that his film was a kind ofAvengers : Endgame with Spider-Man sauce. Which really promises that a multitude of guests will be in the cast. Exactly, Tom Holland also tried to increase the hype at Empire. It simply evokes one of the best scenes“that he has ever toured with a mystery guest.

The main actor is naturally careful not to give his identity. He is content to say that Aunt May and Happy Hogan are also involved. We know him possibly a blunderer in an interview but the young man now seems able to hold his tongue. He is satisfied simply to specify that the scene in question takes place around a table, with a conversation that questions what it means to be a superhero.

Spider-Man : No Way Home
Spider-Man : No Way Home ©Sony Pictures Releasing

Some theories on this mystery character

The multiverse allows us to imagine so many possibilities that we will not risk advancing with certainty one hypothesis more than another. Given the secrecy surrounding it, it’s fair to say that it may be someone who hasn’t been featured in the MCU yet. Unless it’s a character from a previous post-MCU Spider-Man movie. Why not, precisely, one of the two previous incarnations? We think first of all of the hero played by Tobey Maguire. He had indeed developed in his time a reflection on the responsibility to have powers. The idea would make sense, on paper.

One last possibility comes to mind: an appearance of Iron Man. Although he is dead, the multiverse allows us to imagine a surprise return for a few minutes, so that Peter Parker finds his mentor one last time. We will not risk betting big on this scenario, but it could completely upset the public if it were to come true. Now that Tom Holland has brought up this scene, we hope it will live up to it once it’s unveiled.

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Spider-Man – No Way Home: Tom Holland teases an incredible scene with a mysterious character