Spider-Man No Way Home: Alfred Molina is back?

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the third chapter in the Marvel saga with Tom Holland in the lead role. This film was certainly one of the most anticipated, especially due to the return of historical figures from the Spider-Man universe. One of them is Doc Ock played by Alfred Molina who returns to the franchise 17 years after his first appearance. Molina starred as the Evil Scientist in 2004 and was widely acclaimed by the public. In a video interview, Molina explained her motivations to reprise the role of the evil scientist. Doc Ock even if he didn’t feel completely sure about that choice.

The return of Alfred Molina in Spider-Man: No Way Home

68-year-old actor Alfred Molina opened up about his comeback in a Spider Man movie during an interview ahead of the film’s release. He had many doubts when the proposal arrived. The main problem holding him back at the start was his age. Molina was afraid of having grown too old to participate in the film. Indeed, 17 years have passed since Sam Raimi chose him for the role of “The Star” in 2004. The turning point that led him to change his mind came from a particular reflection on technological development. of the last twenty years. Technology, in whatever field, has made great strides in the last twenty years, even and especially in the world of cinema, so there would be no problem in rejuvenating it.

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Here are Alfred Molina’s statements on his return to Spider-Man: No Way Home

“When the idea was first suggested, my first thought was to say ‘Wait’. I am seventeen years older. I got chins, I got wrinkles, you know. I mean, what are they going to do? And then, of course, you suddenly realize, “Wait a minute, they’ve got the technology.” It won’t be a problem. “

The actor goes on to say how enjoyable it is to play a comic book villain, not so much because of the character himself, but because of what all villains have in common with being villains.

“An accident happens or a terrible tragedy, and it transforms them. And that’s what makes them very interpretable. There is a certain depth in them. And that’s what makes them so interesting. “

The plot and cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home

The plot of Spider-Man: No Way Home essentially revolves around a spell cast by Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, that allows all the villains from the various Spider-Man universes to come together. In this movie, in addition to the Doc Ock mentioned above, we will find the Green Goblin played by Willem Dafoe, the Sandman by Church Thomas Hayden, Lizard played by Rhys Ifans and Electro played by Jamie Foxx.

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Spider-Man No Way Home: Alfred Molina is back?