Spectre: Daniel Craig was under “a lot of pressure” for this James Bond

Daniel Craig would have been particularly under pressure during the filming of “007 Spectre”, his fourth adventure as James Bond, as evidenced by his colleague Dave Bautista whom he found for “Glass Onion”.

Daniel Craig: from James Bond to Benoit Blanc

Daniel Craig will have been for many years the face of james bond. From 2006, with Casino Royaleuntil 2021, with Dying can wait. Between the two, three other films with the actor were offered to 007 fans: Quantum of Solace (2008), Sky Fall (2012) and 007 Specter (2015). With these five feature films packed with action and twists and turns, Craig delivered a memorable performance, offering a more complex and emotionally fragile James Bond than its predecessors.

James Bond (Daniel Craig) – 007 Specter ©MGM

Next, Daniel Craig has found another role for a saga. That of Benoit Blanc, the private detective ofAt loggerheads (2019). Following the success of the film, netflix has recovered the license and is about to offer this time Glass Onion in which Benoit Blanc will have to solve a new murder case. The opportunity for Daniel Craig to resume his role, but also to cross paths with Dave Bautista. The same one he faced, among others, in a train, to one of the best sequences of Spectrum.

Spectrumthe film of depression?

During the promotion of Glass OnionDave Bautista has precisely confided in his reunion with Daniel Craig. In an interview withEW, he lingered on his feelings during the filming of James Bond. And, according to him, Daniel Craig would not have seemed very happy to film his fourth adventure in the skin of 007, in particular because ofsignificant pressure on his shoulders.

He was really put to the test on the James Bond. You could feel he was under a lot of pressure. He didn’t seem like the happiest person…

The former wrestler goes on to say that, on the set of Glass Onion, it was “quite the opposite“.

He was so much fun, and he was always smiling and happy and interacting a lot more. On Spectre, there wasn’t much interaction with the entire cast. But Glass Onion was quite the opposite. We were always together. So I got to know him better.

Dave Bautista - Glass Onion
Dave Bautista – Glass Onion ©Netflix

This pressure evoked by Dave Bautista is perhaps the reason why the return of Daniel Craig for a fifth James Bond was not confirmed immediately. We would have had to wait two years after the release of Spectrum for the actor to make this announcement. And four years (partly because of the Covid) for it to come out Dying can wait.

With Glass Onionavailable on December 23 on netflix, the shooting seems in any case to have taken place in the best conditions for Craig. Moreover, a third film is already planned.

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Spectre: Daniel Craig was under “a lot of pressure” for this James Bond