Sosh’s 5G mobile plan is finally here, but this one is even cheaper

Sosh is finally entering the race for low-cost 5G plans with lots of data, but B&You has an equally attractive offer. Find out which one is right for you. We will help you in your choice through this comparison.

If 4G packages are still legion, those with 5G are being deployed more and more. Moreover, the new offer of the operator Sosh has caused a lot of talk. The low-cost MVNO from Orange has just launched a new 5G plan without commitment, very generous in data, but compared to that of B&You, is it interesting? We will try to answer it by comparing the package offered by B&You and that of Sosh.

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Network: Orange or Bouygues Telecom?

B&You is a virtual operator based on the antennas of the network of Bouygues Telecom. Recognized as being the second best network in mainland France according to the latest surveys of ARCEP. This package includes, like most non-binding offers at the moment, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from mainland France, as well as from Europe and the overseas departments to a French number.

For its part, Sosh, you can call all your contacts unlimited, but also send them unlimited SMS and MMS. These conditions are valid in France, but also from Europe and the overseas departments. The MVNO obviously provides its customers with a quality mobile line thanks to the national network. from Orange. With a network coverage of more than 99% of the population, it is the guarantee of having the best network, whatever your geographical position in France. Regarding speeds, Sosh would indeed offer 5G with a theoretical download speed of up to 2.1 Gb / s via 3.5 Ghz antennas.

Lots of data at great prices

On mobile data, Sosh grants no less than 140 GB of data for its 5G plan every month in France. With such a quantity, the possibilities are therefore numerous: you can devour streaming content, browse the Internet, listen to your music streaming service all the time, share your connection when needed and even play a few games on fortnite, no Wi-Fi nearby. What have peace of mind without worrying about the bill at the end of the month. To communicate from abroad, the operator is less generous and offers 25 GB of Internet from Europe and the overseas departments.

For 5 euros less, you won’t really lose money with the B&You package. Suffice to say that with a 130 GB package of mobile data in 5G, you will hardly need to connect to Wi-Fi, rather practical if you are often outside and far from your personal Wi-Fi access point. . The operator also provides you with another envelope of 30 GB that you can use from the French overseas departments and countries of the European Union. For stays abroad of one or two weeks, it’s ideal for consulting Maps, sending messages and photos to your loved ones, browsing tourist sites and posting a few stories of your trip.

Sosh or B&You?

We had been waiting for the arrival of the 5G package from the operator Sosh for a while. On the other hand, its offer may seem less interesting, especially when most MVNOs have been offering ultra-competitive 5G offers for more than a year now.

Here B&You may offer a little less data on its 5G package, it still accounts for a nice envelope of 130 GB. It is also more generous in data abroad (Europe and DOM) with 30 GB against 25 Go for Sosh. So yes, the latter benefits from the Orange network antennas, but its price remains quite high compared to the B&You proposal. So if you want to take advantage of a 5G plan at the best price, with lots of data, it will cost you no less than 16 euros per month, and that, without obligation.

If you want to take advantage of the network quality offered by Orange, in this case, you will have to pay 21 euros per month. It remains to be seen whether your scholarship allows it.

RED 5G Package
100 GB

Unlimited calls

100 GB in France

6038 locations 5G 3.5GHz
5885 locations 5G/4G shared

SFR 5G Mobile Plan
200 GB

Unlimited calls

200 GB in France

6038 locations 5G 3.5GHz
5885 locations 5G/4G shared

Orange 5G mobile plan
170 GB

Unlimited calls

170 GB in France

6165 locations 5G 3.5GHz
212 locations 5G/4G shared

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Sosh’s 5G mobile plan is finally here, but this one is even cheaper