Sophie Marceau: the columnists of TPMP People return to the comments made by the actress about her sexuality

By Romain Charp

The columnists of TPMP People returned to the remarks made in May by Sophie Marceau about her sexuality, this Saturday, June 4. In particular, they explained the terms used by the actress last month.

Despite the departure of Mathieu Delormeau, the TPMP People show continues. It was Bernard Montiel who took over the continuation of the old columnist from TPMP who announced his departure from C8 on May 12 on Twitter. The C8 TV show, broadcast every Saturday from 7:10 p.m., returns to recent celebrity news. This Saturday, June 4, the columnists returned to the remarks made last May by the French actress Sophie Marceau. As a reminder, the 56-year-old actress grew and evolved in the public eye. It was notably revealed thanks to the role of Vic in The party. The artist was only 14 when she was directed by director Claude Pinoteau.

Since 1982, Sophie Marceau has established herself in the French film industry. She has acted in many films, including several American blockbusters. We can cite in particular The party (1980), The Boom 2 (1982), Happy Easter (1984), The student And Chouans in 1988. She also starred alongside Mel Gibson in Braveheart in 1995, as well as with Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond movie The world is not enough. His last appearance 2022 date in the movie I love America by Lisa Azuelos.

TPMP People: the words of Sophie Marceau explained by the columnists

Asked by Release on May 10, Sophie Marceau spoke about her sexuality it’s clear. She notably confided that she was “sapiosexual”. A term on which TPMP People columnists returned during the Info people section to peck (IPP) this Saturday, June 4. To the question who said ” I am sapioxual. », posed by the presenter Bernard Montiel during the section ” Who said ? »Sophie Coste, present at the table of columnists, replied “Sophie Marceau, I believe. She said she was over attracted to men who have a brain. Here it is…Sapio comes from sapiens…he who knows”.

His colleague then intervened to clarify his talk : “sapio means wise, and basically it defines someone who is more attracted par the intellect than by carnal pleasures. Francesca Antoniotti, also present on the set, then bounced back by questioning the assembly: ” She was not with Christopher Lambert ? “. Philippe Candeloro responded by replying: “it is from there that she drew the consequences”. Bernard Montiel then assured an arbitration role affirming : ” Why do you say that ? There is a lesson to be learned from thisyou thinking? “. To which the former Star Academy contestant replied: ” No “. Since the departure of Mathieu Delormeau, Bernard Montiel has ensured the presentation of TPMP People. A role for which he is not unanimous, according to Yahoo Entertainment.

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Sophie Marceau: the columnists of TPMP People return to the comments made by the actress about her sexuality