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In the spotlight since the age of 14, she rose through the ranks to become one of the most influential women in the field of French cinema. Now 55, you can imagine that she had to come a long way to be the personality she is now. She has to her credit, several award trophies, which show her career and her success. To learn more about the actress, here is some interesting news.

Sophie Marceau destined to be a star

After turning 55 on November 17, fans of the star have found it time to take stock of the star’s journey. On this occasion, they took stock of the 41-year career, of one that came out of nowhere, to come and take the heart of the whole of France, this heart that it has not given up any more and fairy tale continues between them.

For the record, Sophie Maupu, which is her basic name, was still only 13 years old when she started her career. At that time, she did not know anything about the world of cinema and did not know at all, what she was getting into and also had no idea that this casting that she was about to pass, was going to be. the door, which would lead her to success.

Indeed, in an advertisement published by director Claude Pinnoteau, in which he sought the young « Vic« , who will be her heroine in a film written by Daniel Thompson which is referred to as, The party. After taking the test to several people, he finally found what he was looking for in the person of Sophie Maupu, who seduced the director with her gaze, her face and the accuracy with which she read the scene, which was given to him to take the test. And to think that the latter was about to miss the chance of her life. FYI, Sophie Maupu was about to turn around, to go home because, she said to herself that she could not manage it because she had in front of her, girls more presentable and more connected than she. But by force of circumstances, she finally passed this casting.

The impressive career of Sophie Marceau well rewarded

Today, the girl worked while growing up, she built herself while facing the gazes of others and the spotlight. She succeeded, where many did not necessarily expect her. Until today, she keeps saying, that she never imagined being able to achieve everything she has done until then, despite nothing predestined her that she would go from Sophie Maupu to Sophie Marceau. She now has around fifty films to her credit, including ” The world is not enough » de Michael Apted (1999), « Anthony room “By Jérôme Salle (2005),” The disappearance of Deauville “By Sophie Marceau (2007),” Braveheart »By Mel Gibson (1995) etc…. With her 55 years old, we can say that she makes as many films as her age.

The French immediately welcomed her, after her first appearance in “Boom” in 1980, where she had played the role of ” Vic“. They loved her role so much that they gave her an emotional nickname: ” the little fiancee of the French “. At only 16 years old, Sophie Marceau, born November 17, 1966, received her first award, that of the César for best female hope, after her role as a rebellious teenager in ” Boom 2 »And it was the beginning of a long series of prizes, there are also a total of 3 prizes.

Once a simple girl, whom no one knew existed, she is now at the heart of all attention and the cameras no longer have any secrets, for the one who was almost fleeing, when she felt a camera land on her . Funny fate because, leaving her very simple life which she led in the great suburbs, to come and put herself on the same footing as the big stars, was not at all obvious. However, it can be said, that she enjoys it and whenever the opportunity presented itself to her, she keeps saying how grateful she was.

Sophie Marceau is a mother who remains discreet about the lives of these children

From the top of these 41 years of career, Sophie Marceau, the star of 52 films, is the mother of two children. Despite her success and notoriety, Sophie Marceau is very discreet when it comes to the lives of these children. All her fans have noticed it, the actress makes rare confidences about her family, in particular her two children: Vincent Zulawski 26 years old, born July 24, 1995, he is the fruit of his relationship, with the director Andrzej Zulawski and Juliette Lemley born July 13, 2002 and daughter of Jim Lemley, an American actor.

If she remains passive on this subject, it is because she would not want to expose these children to the media. She admits, moreover, that she can no longer bear to be exposed in spite of herself and that she prefers discretion. As for the future of these children, Sophie does not intend to intervene in their choice and prefers to let them make their own decision.

Sophie Marceau does not intend to stop there

After 41 years of career, the famous 55-year-old actress does not intend to give up and intends to continue to prove herself, in order to continue to be ” the little fiancee of the French “. Despite her age, she continues to walk the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. She was there recently, to defend the film ” Everything went well “ by François Ozon, a film in which also appears and whose theatrical release was for September 22. This example proves that it intends to continue its momentum.

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Sophie Marceau as a couple, find out who her companion is ..! – Mirror Mag