Sophie Davant: the moderator of Case concluded overwhelmed by the death of this loved one

For Sophie Davant, there was a before and after Djette’s departure. Inconsolable since, she explains to us her method to move forward.

Sophie Davant overwhelmed by grief!

Become a reality, the beautiful project of Sophie Davant illuminates the end of year celebrations. Indeed, with the propagation of the Omicron variant, no one knows if it will be able to pass through the cracks of the net. However, for the host, now is the time to show us her love for animals. It’s simple, she can’t take a step without them!

Screenshot (c) France 3

Therefore, she sounds the alarm and call some accomplices to the rescue. Ahmed Sylla, Nathalie Baye, Laurent Baffie or even Anny Duperey answered her bottle in the sea. With them, she will follow the daily life of the shelters. If they manage to find a home for all these legged companions, they will be able to consider themselves happy. In a corner of her heart, the presenter still mourns the departure of Djette in the direction of the stars. Who, what, what, how, why? Objection tells you everything!

Sophie Davant misses only one being …

As we can see in this photo, if we were looking for Sophie Davant, we first had to locate Djette. His dog was really everything for the host. His confidante, his ally and above all his pillar. Also, when she disappears from the radar, the queen ofDeal concluded leaves feathers there. Worse, she will confide on the set of TPMP. This sequence, the fanzouzes will not soon forget!

Screenshot (c) TPMP (c) C8

When Sophie Davant pursues her lips, it’s a bad sign. In September 2018, the former wife of Pierre Sled declares the worst news on C8. With tears in her eyes, she is aware of the pathetic nature of the situation. So, to the address of her haters, she specifies that “It seems a bit ridiculous when you’ve been through hardships or lost loved ones … I’m my little dog today “Very quickly, she confesses to us that she did not even have the strength to go to the set of Business Concluded. It must be said that the shadow of Djette is omnipresent on the set. From Valentine’s mum’s dressing room to the auction house, her leggy friend felt at home!

… Fortunately Raoul changed everything!

Very quickly, the fans of Sophie Davant believe that they have the right to know what happened so that the Maltese disappeared from circulation. Transparent, the one who started by presenting the weather forecast paints a black picture of the situation. We warn you dear readerObjection that it is (almost) impossible to remain insensitive to this story! ” Djette has shared all the moments of my life for ten years. She left abruptly. This was not planned. She was very healthy and then she had a pulmonary embolism. “

As if she were in front of a psychologist, she gives herself up without make-up or artifice. She no doubt hopes that her fans will support her in this terrible ordeal. “It was brutal. You might know what it’s like to lose an animal that shares all of your privacy and takes a part of you with it.. »

And now ?

Following this departure, Sophie Davant swears that she will never fall back into this “trap” of attachment. However, will it last long without the presence of a pet? The answer, Objection gives it to you right away! « Years and months have passed… I moved, choosing, as if by chance, a place to live surrounded by greenery, just in case… And I couldn’t resist * nvy… We unearthed Raoul Du Buisson De La Passée (please!) In the Dordogne. He landed in Paris, and, from the first minutes, it was mad love. We sniffed and adopted right away. “

More than ever, as the number of animal abandonments increases each year, she implores Internet users to follow her example. “Don’t deprive yourself of this pl ** sir!” Yes, there are constraints, you have to get organized … But your companion will force you to take him out, therefore to exercise. He will share your happiness, your worries, your sorrows… and will become your most faithful confidant. “We can’t wait to know about Raoul’s adventures in 2022! We promise, we’ll keep you posted!

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Sophie Davant: the moderator of Case concluded overwhelmed by the death of this loved one