Sleeve. It becomes expensive to reach the Overseas by plane

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It becomes expensive to reach the Overseas by plane (©DP)

In January 2022THE Minister for Ecological Transition and some territorial cohesionalso in charge of transport, was challenged on the price of plane tickets to or from the Overseas.

While these territories suffer particularly from social, economic and ecological crises, the question of expensive living is even more sensitive there than in mainland France.

And it arises even on the cost of air transport, essential for families who have ties here and there. And this is also the case for the inhabitants of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Manche) who are used to going there.

Leave earlier and shorter

For those living on the mainland, it is also a problemas evidenced by Pedro Dos Prazeres, who came to live in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin in the early 1980s. With the price of plane tickets increasing by more than 30% in one year for Guadeloupe, he had to review your plans summer vacation on his home island.

“Usually, I leave in mid-July and for three weeks and a half, he shares. This year, we are advancing the tickets to June 30 and we are only leaving for a fortnight. My 14 year old son is leaving school a little before the start of the school holidays…”

This allows them to find prices somewhat similar to those of previous years, or almost. ” It is around 700 euros usually per person. We are in those prices, but this time, you have to add 100 euros per suitcase! If we had taken our tickets on the same dates as the other years, we would have had for 6,000 euros! We had to calm things down. It’s for the return and to bring back bottles of punch and arranged rum that it’s going to be the most painful… (laughs) ”

Adapt your habits

Because Guadeloupeans benefit each year of this trip to replenish its stocks of these drinks made from “sun-fed” plants. This year, we have to revise the forecasts downwards… “We’re only going to leave with three suitcases in the cabin and one in the hold. »

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And again, Pedro’s family can leave. “I know a couple in Querqueville who decided not to leave this year because it’s too expensive! »

Pedro is however disappointed to have to review his habits for this annual meeting with Guadeloupe, which he left at the age of 18.

“I arrived in France in 1978, in Cherbourg in 1980-1981. I was in the army in Germany, I had priority for an internship, but I was told that it would be easier to get it in Cherbourg. I do not know… “

Find the family, its roots

He still has a lot of trouble with the Cotentin weather. If his parents are now deceased, in Guadeloupe, it is also the family that he finds. “My sister, my nephews, my cousins… It’s good to go there. With age, I also feel this need to find my roots. It’s complicated to go and live there, because my wife and my children live here. »

But go pass several weeks in the Caribbean every year, it is essential to his life.

Pedro Dos Prazeres nevertheless underlines a positive point in all this: “The price of the rental on site. It’s possible to rent every day, by the night, it’s easier on that side, now that there are flights every day. »

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Sleeve. It becomes expensive to reach the Overseas by plane