Since when is Channing Tatum a teenager on a BMX?

  • Before returning to his current clean shave, Channing Tatum tried blonde hair for a season.
  • Channing Tatum is not afraid of style changes, proof of this was his zero shave after filming Dog.

    Channing Tatum He is known for many things, mainly for his role in films such as X-Men, G.I. Joe, Magic Mike O Step Up. But also for being a good dancer (as he has shown in the late night Jimmy Kimmel), which is mainly due to his preparation for the last two films mentioned. However, the actor has recently shown us that he possesses other qualities such as ride BMX that we were completely unaware of. If anyone remembers which movie they rode one of these bikes in, let us know. And in the same way we had not noticed that Tatum has adopted a style grunge teenager very in line with his love of cross bikes, which reminds us of this look with Brad Pitt plaid shirt or Tom Hardy cargo pants. Are we facing a trend that we have overlooked?

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    For this time, we are going to thank the internet for causing such a stir about some photos of the actor walking with actress Zoë Kravitz in New York. Throughout these days, Instagram has been filled with images of both, which has made us notice Channing Tatum’s outfits. In them, we can see how the actor wears different combinations of graphic shirts oversize With baggy jeans, in a style case utility with multiple pockets and in the other straight with frayed hem. As a good athlete on both wheels and ramps, Tatum wears shoes on both occasions Converse Chuck Taylor quite pounded, which Shia LaBeouf would certainly approve of.

    Now, if you are curious about why the internet is so upset with these photos, we anticipate that fans of both believe that Tatum and Kravitz are together. However, this approach could have more to do with They are working together on Zoë Kravitz’s first directing job, a thriller titled Pussy Island. Be that as it may, we will be waiting with the hordes of fans to see more photos of the actor, yes, to take note of his looks grunge and with style.

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