She was a mother at 40! Naomi Watts, the first celebrity to have a non-binary child

The native of United Kingdom, Naomi Watts, joined the list of celebrities who became mothers at age 40, and in this way achieved break stereotypes about motherhood and what it takes to raise a child at a much more mature age, she currently has 54 years and his sons Alexander Y samuel They already have a unique style.

The expert actress in action, suspense and mystery films has shown that as Jennifer Lopez Y Angelina Jolie gives your children total freedom to show themselves as they are regardless of what others may say, also allows them to have their own gender identity Y dress as they are happythis way, samuel kai of 14 years joins shiloh, Emme Y Willow, with this speech that promotes freedom as someone who is gender non-binary.

Meet Samuel Kai, the non-binary son of Naomi Watts

Several celebrities have broken the stereotype of motherhood, as society has established rules about when the time is right to become mothers, but what she has done Naomi Wattsalong with other celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz, Brooke Shields, Julia Roberts Y courtney cox take a turn from 360º to this stigma.

This is not the only list that the London actress joined, she also settled next to Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie Y Will Smith, who have raised children with such freedom that today they are free about their style and gender identity, are joined by samuel kai of 14 yearsthe youngest son of Naomi Watts who had the 40.

samuel kaiFrom a very young age, he made headlines for dressing like a girl, and his mother always allowed him to wear long hair, skirts, dresses and even costumes for women as one of the couple in the joker, harley quinn, braided hair and even sandals, the son of the actress from the 10 years seems to identify as non-binary.

Although the actress you have never mentioned that your child identifies as transgender or non-binary, the looks of kai They are always with clothes for girls, adopting a very more femininehis older brother Alexander Sasha Schreiber who is two years apart from him, has remained with masculine style, although sometimes he wears his hair a little longer than normal normal.

The sons of Naomi Watts They are the product of your relationship with who is now your ex-partner liev schreiber the originator of USAwhich is also dedicated to acting, screenwriting Y film direction.

The support that the famous has given her son is admirable and always shows her children through their social networks, He also dedicated some nice words to him that said “My dear Kai, you are the brightest light. Thank you for choosing me as your mom, I’m proud of you, we celebrate your incredible courage every day.”

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She was a mother at 40! Naomi Watts, the first celebrity to have a non-binary child