Shang-Chi actress recounted her experience working with Jackie Chan: “He believed that women belonged to the kitchen, until I kicked him in the butt.”

The most recent release of Marvel Studios, Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, It is being a total success at the box office, showing that superhero movies still have a lot to offer and, as expected, their actors are being interviewed by various media. Such is the case of the actress Michelle Yeoh, who shared a few words about his time in the world of action films.

Shang-Chi actress talks about action scenes and Jackie Chan

The actress, Michelle Yeoh, who played Ying Nan on Shang-Chi, was interviewed by the site Theguardian, where he spoke about his career throughout these years and to the surprise of many, he shared a very particular experience with the actor Jackie Chan, recognized worldwide for making his own action scenes.

Yeoh talked about Supercop, an action movie full of stunts, commenting on the following:

When we started in Hong Kong, you didn’t have the help of CGI. You just went out and did what you had to do.

Michelle Yeoh |

One of the scenes from Supercop, led the actress to do an incredibly complicated jump on a motorcycle onto a moving train, adding that she felt invincible after doing so. During the filming, the own Jackie Chan He approached her and begged her not to do those dangerous stunts any more, to which she replied:

You are very good at asking me to stop! You are always doing them and he said: that’s because when you do one, I have to do it better. The pressure was on him, poor thing.

Michelle Yeoh |

After that, the interviewer asked the actress if it was true that Chan He thought that women belonged to the kitchen, to which he replied the following:

I used to. Until I kicked his butt.

Michelle Yeoh |

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