Shame, Hunger… In January, Steve McQueen’s greatest films are on UniversCiné

Steve McQueen, awarded at Cannes and at the Oscars, is this month in the spotlight on UniversCiné. A perfect opportunity to discover the little-known nuggets of the director of 12 Years a Slave.

The acclaimed director of 12 Years a Slave, winner of no less than 15 awards (including the Best Picture Oscar) in 2014, is also the creator of equally grandiose nuggets. If you still haven’t seen Hunger or Shame, this start of the year is the perfect opportunity to catch up with them. Indeed, they both arrive on UniversCiné!

Hunger, one man’s historic fight for the freedom of his people

Northern Ireland, 1981. Arrested with several accomplices for acts of violence, activist Bobby Sands leads a revolt in prison. Refusing to wash, spreading their excrement on the walls of their cells, the prisoners do everything to express their anger. Their objective ? The media coverage of their fight and the departure of the British forces occupying their territory.

When the repression of the guards gets stronger, and Margaret Thatcher’s politics harden, Bobby decides to give his fight a radical turn… even if it means paying for it with his life.

Driven by the committed and powerful interpretation of German-Irish Michael Fassbender, McQueen’s favorite actor crowned with dozens of awards, Hunger is as cruel as it is sensitive. The spectator attends the revolts, sees the blows struck, the quasi-rock paintings left by Bobby Sands in his cell. Confined in prison with this historic prisoner, he lives his fight by his side and witnesses his progressive sacrifice.

Shame Hunger… In January Steve McQueens greatest films are on
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Awarded a Camera d’or at the Cannes Film Festival, Hunger is a dark and committed jewel, chilling with cruelty, but burning with the passion that animates it and the desperate fight of a man for his country.

Shame, a man’s fight against his unbearable addiction

Brandon, 30, lives in New York and works a lot. When his sister Sissy moves in unexpectedly at his place, he tries as best he can to conceal his secret. Indeed, he is devoured by an addiction against which he cannot fight: sex.

Joined in the cast by Carrey Mulligan (Drive, Gatsby the Magnificent), Michael Fassbender continues to sparkle in front of McQueen’s camera: as brilliant as they are dark, cruel as they are delicate, the brother and sister indulge in a skilful ballet of regulations accounts and provocations.

Confronted with his addiction by the mere presence of Sissy, Brandon questions his relationship to sex, his desire, his irrepressible needs and his shame. Seeking causes as much as effects, without being moralizing, Steve McQueen plunges into the labyrinthine psyche of his characters and confronts his viewer with a fascinating exploration of human passions.

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Hunger and Shameof Steve McQueenare to be discovered this month on UniversCiné.

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Shame, Hunger… In January, Steve McQueen’s greatest films are on UniversCiné