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When Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller don’t write their next screenplays, they work with a “small and mighty team” to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease, all year round.

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The couple launched Hilarity for Charity, a nonprofit that supports families and caregivers affected by the disease, in 2012. They have since raised $17 million for the cause and held their second annual CareCon on 18 February.

Miller, 39, has a personal connection to the organization, as his mother, Adele Miller, was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s disease at age 55 and died in 2020.

“It gives meaning and purpose to a huge loss in my life. Personally, I have benefited so much from the chance that we have had to help other people, which, in turn, has helped me to overcome the loss that my family suffered with my mother suffering from this terrible disease. said Miller exclusively. We Weekly. “So it’s really a very broad feeling of what it means to us. And it’s really something that ranges from crazy joy to just a lot of tears of, ‘I can’t believe we have to do this stuff.’

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CareCon is a virtual event created to educate and support caregivers of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This year, Miller and Rogen, 39, were joined by celebrity friends such as Amy Poehler, Ben Feldman, Steve Aoki, Dan Fogelman and Adam Shapirowho hosted workshops and panels – all while making people laugh – via Zoom.

“[Amy did] a deep dive into his sleep. Sleep is really important for your brain and your brain health, which is a huge pillar of the work we do at HFC,” Miller said. “And so she was fun. Seth was on that panel. I think they laughed a lot.

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller at the 2nd Annual Hilarity for Charity Event in Los Angeles on April 25, 2013.

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For Rogen, this was not his usual kind of meeting place with the Saturday Night Live alum, 50 years old. “It was awesome. I’ve known her since I was 18. I think we were both looking at each other a bit on the Zoom, going, ‘Wow, after all these years, who would have thought that brain health was the thing that would bring us together?’ If you had seen what we were doing the last time we spent time together, you wouldn’t have thought of that,” he joked. We. “It’s funny how things go as you get older, but at the same time, it’s really nice to see how people I love and respect and love and respect for a long time now for a whole new reason. ”

Hilarity for Charity has grown tremendously since its launch, with more volunteers asking if they can help each year. “It was really a real evolution”, Long shot says the actor. “Just getting famous people to do things isn’t the easiest thing in the world! We’ve been very lucky to see how many of our friends and colleagues have been willing to give their time and energy to HFC and our shows and stuff like that. And over the years, people learned to understand what we were doing.

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He added: “I’ve actually had celebrities reach out to me that I barely know and say, ‘Oh, someone in my family has Alzheimer’s. I would like to help your organization in some way if I could. And so just us, I think having talked so much over the years has made it a lot easier in a lot of ways.

Working with her stepfather, Scott Miller, was also a highlight. The actress’ father presented a special caregiver with the first Scotty Caregiver Award, named after him, at this year’s CareCon.

“To be honest, it was nerve-wracking,” Lauren admitted with a laugh.

Rogen teased: “I actually used to be like, ‘How long is this talk going to last?'”

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller attend the 5th Annual Hilarity for Charity: Seth Rogen’s Halloween Variety Show in Los Angeles on October 15, 2016.

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“He said wonderful things, but he can go on for a bit,” she agreed. “And so it was good and hilarious and he did a really good job. He was very nice. I think that really meant a lot to him. I mean, my dad cared a lot about my mom, like 16. I have not witnessed a greater act of love than what I have seen between them. So having an award named after him is so nice.

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With their own experience of having a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, Hilarity for Charity just happened naturally. And it continues to grow with new support programs and impactful fundraisers.

“We have a calendar of events that we put together months and months in advance for the new calendar year,” Lauren noted. “We are constantly preparing. So, as soon as the last CareCon ended last year, we started preparing for this one by sending out surveys and asking people what was helpful and what they would want to look for next year.

HFC, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, has only strengthened the couple’s bond.

“We have been together throughout this journey. We’ve been together for 18 years.” super bad the star said to We.

Lauren replied, “Almost 17!”

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“Almost 17, I don’t know,” Rogen joked. “So basically when this whole journey started. So I would say that has been as formative in our relationship as anything else in many ways. And I think a lot of the evolution of our relationship was kind of built around managing this thing and supporting each other through it. I think we learned a lot about each other. »

For more information about HFC – and to donate and learn about upcoming events – go here.

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