Seth Rogen confirmed the sequel to one of his popular comedies


The actor who starred Pineapple Express and so many more hilarious movies, announced a new project on networks.

Seth Roger.
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There is a group of actors who made a cult of “cannabis humor”, with jokes linked to the world of consumption in completely absurd situations. We can refer to figures like Evan Goldberg, seth roden and James Franco (the latter separated from society due to his recognized abuses), from which stories of the stature of Pineapple Express, super bad either this is the end.

Among all the films they developed Goldberg and Rogerthere was a hilarious animated comedy that also featured Jonah Hill as its screenwriter. It is a production that this week surprisingly confirmed that it will have a continuation and that it will arrive in just two years. Which one are we talking about? of the great Sausage Partywhich premiered in 2016.

Despite having raised only 130 million dollars, Sausage Party became one of the most remembered comedies of seth roden because of the riskiness of his proposal. The film focused on a group of supermarket items that, in the best style of toy story, they had life and human beings were completely unaware of it. For them, mecca was being bought by a human being as they believed that this would lead them to a Promised Land. Nevertheless, frank sausage discovers that there is actually a more tragic ending outside the supermarket.

In their social networks, seth roden shared a post confirming that Sausage Party It will have its sequel. It will be in the form of a series and its initial installment will consist of a total of eight parts. “An Eight Course TV Event”says the tagline of the film where we will see again Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, Will Forte and so many more artists repeat the dubbing of these peculiar characters.

+Where to see Sausage Party

In case you haven’t seen yet Sausage Party or you are wanting to see it again, we will tell you where you can find it. The movie of seth roden is available in the catalog Netflix, so you can revisit it as long as you do it from Latin American territory. In the event that you live in Spain you will have to resort to rental platforms such as Amazon, Rakuten and Microsoftwith a price that will range between 2 and 4 Euros.

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Seth Rogen confirmed the sequel to one of his popular comedies