Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman Lead a New Push for Federal Cannabis Legislation

The comedians Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman are among the celebrities starring in a new campaign calling for the legalization of cannabis at Congress.

Dubbed “Cannabis in Common,” the campaign calls on American citizens to lobby their representatives in Congress on this issue, and to remind them that “cannabis legalization is incredibly popular with their constituents.”

The publication of two videos of the Rogen and Silverman campaign came amid reports that Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace was drafting a bill that – if passed – would decriminalize drugs and apply a 3.5% tax on drugs. sales, as reported Forbes.

Despite the fact that cannabis legislation is supported by 69% of Americans, and in some way 91%, calls for its decriminalization have fallen by the wayside in Washington DC due to Republican opposition to such a measure. .

Recreational cannabis use is already allowed in one-third of the US states and Washington, DC, but remains illegal at the federal level, which continues to complicate the financial affairs of those who run companies with profits from cannabis. .

In a video posted Tuesday, Rogen noted that cannabis legislation was, in fact, one of the things Americans can agree on, “despite what they may have heard” about partisanship inside and outside. congressional.

He went on to highlight that “recent polls show that more than two-thirds of us want to legalize cannabis,” but that less than half of the members of Congress have spoken out in favor of legalizing cannabis.

“In fact, some don’t even say where they stand on the issue,” said the actor and comedian, who has starred Superbad, Pineapple Express and Shrek The Third.

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A similar argument was made by Silverman, former screenwriter and performer of Saturday Night Live, who called on Americans to pressure their congressional representatives on the issue.

He noted that if federal cannabis laws are not decriminalized, “we are settling for laws that disproportionately land people of color in jail.”

Silverman also noted that if cannabis is not legalized at the federal level, the opportunity to collect tax revenue from the sale of cannabis is lost, as is the case with alcohol and cigarettes.

Mace is expected to introduce his cannabis bill in the House of Representatives later this month, and many Democrats – who have tried to pass their own bill to decriminalize the drug – are likely to back him.

Additional information from The Associated Press.


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Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman Lead a New Push for Federal Cannabis Legislation