Selma Blair weakened, Sarah Michelle Gellar pays her a beautiful tribute

While participating in the American version of “Dancing with the Stars”, Selma Blair, suffering from multiple sclerosis, had to stop the competition for health reasons. His departure was greeted by his friend Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Two iconic actresses from Sex Intentions

The friendship between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair it’s nothing new. At least since 1999 and their participation in the film Sex Intentions. Proofreading of the novel Dangerous relationships, the feature film sees Sarah Michelle Gellar interpret the rich Kathryn Merteuil, while Selma Blair plays the prudish Cécile Caldwell. Around them are Ryan Phillippe as Sebastian Valmont and Reese Witherspoon as Annette Hargrove. The story revolves around a bet between Kathryn and her half-brother Sebastian. if Kathryn would like him to try to pervert Cécile, the boy will instead turn to the young Annette.

Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar – Sex Intentions ©Columbia Pictures

Cult film for a whole generation, Sex Intentions will have particularly marked the spirits by the kiss exchanged between the two actresses. A streak they had derided years later for the MTV Movie & TV Awards. If this parody was particularly funny, it also had something quite moving. Because the presence of Selma Blair in front of the camera has been quite limited in recent years. The actress has multiple sclerosis and spasmodic dysphonia, which prevented him from pursuing his career normally. We were still able to see her again in the first two opuses of the saga After where she plays the mother of Josephine Langford.

Selma Blair gives up Dance with the stars

In recent weeks, Selma Blair was not on a film set, but on television. She actually participated in the american show Dance with the stars since September 19. The opportunity for her to overcome her illness and shine through dancing alongside Sasha Farber, her partner on the show. Unfortunately, the actress had to give up pursuing the adventure Due to his healthas she explained during the broadcast of October 17 (at 1min33 of the video below).

I talked to my doctors during this whole journey. I had MRIs and the results came back. And the conclusion is that I can’t. I cannot continue the competition, I have gone as far as possible. I’m sorry.

A very sad news because, beyond the issue Dance with the starswe can only be touched to learn that Selma Blair’s health has deteriorated. She also explains that there was now too much risk for her, with possibilities of physical injury that she cannot afford to have in her condition.

The beautiful message of Sarah Michelle Gellar

His decision to quit was later accompanied bya particularly touching message from his friend Sarah Michelle Gellar. The latter spoke on her account instagram by sharing a photo of her with Selma Blair. Referencing the show’s rating, she begins by telling him that long before Dance with the starsshe knew that Selma Blair was”one ten.

I’ve never been so proud of you (and I often am). You allowed us to believe that nothing is impossible. That you should never give up. (…) I will miss seeing the happiness radiate from Selma, every week, every time she goes on stage. (…) Selma, your love and your friendship are the greatest gifts.

Selma Blair had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018, but was able to benefit from the support of the media and those close to him. This autoimmune disease also affected the actress Emma Caulfieldbut in 2010, and she only recently wanted to talk about itin particular to raise public awareness on this subject.

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Selma Blair weakened, Sarah Michelle Gellar pays her a beautiful tribute