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What, like it’s hard? Selma Blair put an end to the rumors that Revenge of a Blonde almost done with itself and Reese Witherspoon leaving at sunset – but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have been fully on board.

“I love this idea! How funny. …I don’t remember, maybe it was,” cruel intentions star, 50, said during a Thursday, July 12, episode of the “Shut Up Evan” podcast. “I am friends with Karine [McCullah] and [Kristen “Kiwi” Smith] Who wrote this. But I would have liked that so much. Let’s go with that. I think it’s so much fun.

Although Blair may not remember her character, Vivian Kensington, sparking a romance with Elle Woods of Witherspoon, 46, the Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane alum revealed a different take on the 2001 comedy ending.

“There was an ending that Vivian was blonde, and I did [go blonde]”, revealed the After actress. “I have the Polaroids. I looked like Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde. The beret was on and the blonde.

Blair added that the film ultimately chose to scrap the idea because it “just wasn’t as strong as it became,” noting that she looked “gorgeous” with the golden locks.

The Michigan native’s comments come after Jessica Cauffielwho played Margot in the cult classic, told The New York Times during the 20th anniversary oral history in 2021, the film was originally meant to end with Vivian and Elle “in Hawaii drinking margaritas and holding hands.”

“The insinuation was either that they were best friends or that they had met romantically,” added Cauffiel, 46.

Witherspoon, for his part, supported Cauffiel’s claims. “It’s true…” the Small fires everywhere star wrote via Twitter at the time.

During her appearance, Blair expressed a desire to “make at least one appearance” in the franchise’s third installment, Legally Blonde 3which will be written by Mindy Kaling. “I hope, I hope that legacy can continue, because talking about the good things in life. This movie is one of the good things in life. It’s a highlight. I really feel like, ‘Yeah, my obituary is going to look good’, The sweetest thing the star has sprung up.

Revenge of a Blondewhich was filmed in 2000, followed Elle Woods’ determination to win back her boyfriend Warner Huntington III (Matthew Davis) by being admitted to Harvard Law School alongside him. The comedy success spawned the sequel Legally blonde 2: red, white and blonde in 2003, a direct-to-DVD spin-off in 2009 called Legally blonde and the hit Broadway production Legally blonde: the musicallaunched in 2007.

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Selma Blair Asks Reese Witherspoon To Appear In ‘Legally Blonde 3’ – Nifey